What Men Don’t Understand About Women’s “The Wall”

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Today we’re going to talk about a concept known as “The Wall.” It’s the idea that women become unattractive and/or unworthy for sex, dating, and/or a serious relationship as soon as they hit around age 30.

-By Caleb Jones

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If you believe in this concept—and a lot of you do—I’m going to ask you some questions about it, and you’re going to realize you don’t have the answers. And once you realize that, it’s going to make you rethink the entire concept of The Wall.

The Wall

Most of you are probably familiar with this, but for those of you who aren’t, it’s a concept that comes from the Red Pill/Manosphere world, and it’s talked about a lot, but it’s not always called “The Wall.” Sometimes men refer to this as “women passing their expiration date,” as well as other variations.

The concept behind it is this: Once a woman reaches the age of 30—and there’s no consensus as to the exact age this happens—she instantly becomes disgusting and unfuckable. She becomes “old,” her "ovaries have dried up," and so on. She's not as hot as the younger women anymore. She's ridden the "cock carousel" too long. And on and on. So why would you ever marry her? Why would you ever date a woman over the age of 30? Why would you ever have sex with her? The thinking is that you should never, ever be with a woman who has passed The Wall. You’ve probably heard this a lot.

Now, do I agree that as women get older, they tend to get less attractive? Of course I agree with that. I have sex with 19-year-olds on a regular basis because I’m Alpha 2.0 and non-monogamous. But if you believe a woman hits The Wall as soon as she hits 30 (or whatever), you really haven’t thought this through in terms of how it’s going to reflect in your life. Here at Alpha Male 2.0, we focus on actionable items you can use to optimize your life, so if this really is something you believe, you’re on the hook to explain how you’re going to integrate that into your life.

The Long-Term Plan

In other words, what exactly is your long-term plan if you believe this strongly? I’ve asked people in the Manosphere this and I’ve never gotten an answer. Most guys who subscribe to this concept tend to be more right-wing, traditionally minded guys who believe in monogamy, marriage for life, having kids, and all that. So let’s say you marry a 23-year-old woman, you have two kids with her, and your objective is to be married for life. What happens when she gets to be 30, 32 years old and hits The Wall? If you marry for life, that means at some point, that young, hot wife you married is going to hit The Wall, right? Then what?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about this for a minute: If you want to settle down long term, are you going to marry a 19- or 20-year-old? Do you have any idea what the divorce rates look like when you marry someone that young? Marrying a woman that young is the dumbest thing in the universe. If you live in the Western world and you marry a woman that young, I can guarantee you’re going to get divorced.

So what is your plan here? Are you going to marry a 20-year-old, keep her for eight or nine years, divorce her just before she hits The Wall, and marry another 20-year-old? Does that sound like a fun life, getting divorced over and over every time your wife approaches The Wall? Or are you going to stay married to her but stop having sex and just cheat on her?

What is your plan here?

I thought you thought marriage is for life and divorce is bad. You’re essentially proving my point: If you’re going to marry a woman with the intention of cheating on her, you’re admitting that non-monogamy is the only way to go, which is what I teach—except I don’t cheat on women. I do it in an honest way where they know what I’m doing.

Let’s Hear It

For you guys who strongly believe in the concept of The Wall, I want you to put in the comments below exactly what your long-term plan is for the next 40+ years. Maybe you can even educate me on this master plan you seem to have mapped out.

Based on my experience when I’ve posed this question online, I have a feeling I already know what your answer will be:

The first possibility is that you’ll dodge the question and not really offer any kind of answer. You’ll make some kind of ad hominem attack against me, or you’ll just reiterate that women in their 30s are gross or make a joke about dried-up ovaries or being past their expiration dates. And if you believe strongly in the concept of The Wall but don’t want to answer the actual question, what does that tell you?

Another possibility is some kind of guy-Disney answer. You’re going to tell me your plan is to marry a virgin Christian woman who is 18 years old, and as soon as she hits The Wall, you’re going to stop having sex with her. You'll cheat on her, and sure, you’ll probably get caught at some point, but she’s going to stay with you anyway because you’re a strong Alpha Male and a good provider.

As I’ve said many times, if that system worked, you should be able to point me toward millions of men who have done it. I don’t see any outside of super-wealthy billionaires, and even those are high-drama relationships.

The third possible answer I might get is that you just plan on getting divorced every 10 years like Tom Cruise.

A Known Quantity

I teach long-term, consistent happiness here at Alpha Male 2.0, and the system I just mentioned above is the opposite of that. Getting divorced every 10 years or so for the next 40 or 50 years isn’t long-term happiness. I would shoot myself in the fucking face if I had to live a lifestyle like that. I know a few guys who have done that; they’re not happy, well-adjusted guys.

When I made the decision to have an OLTR marriage, I purposefully went out of my way to settle down with a woman who was past The Wall. She wasn’t much past The Wall; the age I had in mind was 35, and she was actually 34. I didn’t want some young girl in her early or mid-twenties because she’s not done developing. She’s not a fully-formed adult yet.

So the woman you date when she’s 23 will be a radically different person by the time she’s 27. The odds are overwhelming that she’ll divorce your ass or cause problems that will lead to divorce. I didn’t want that; I wanted to settle down with a known quantity, not some unknown thing who will be a completely different person in a few years.

Will it work? Well, my marriage is better than I thought it would be. We’ve been together about six years and married almost three, so I’ll be able to tell you in about another seven years whether this has worked. So far, we’re not having any problems, and I’m non-monogamous, so I can have sex with her and other women whenever I want. It’s a pretty good deal.

But the point is, I sat down and made sure I could integrate my philosophies into my life on a logistical basis so it was a doable model. I translated my philosophies into real plans that I executed in a way that actually worked. And most of you who are screaming about The Wall have not done this. You’ve assumed a philosophy, but you haven’t actually thought through how you’re going to make it work in real life.

And if I’m wrong, you should be able to leave a comment below and let me know about your high-probability-for-success plan for following the concept of The Wall for the next 40 or 50 years of your life. I can’t wait to read your answers, and as I said, I suspect I already know what most of them will be. Food for thought.

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