What The Red Pill Gets Wrong

A big part of me did not want to do this article. There were a number of reasons for this—business reasons, friendship reasons, and other personal reasons. There are things here that I have never said publicly, so I really don’t know how this is going to go or where it will end up.

First thing’s first: I am proud to (sort of) be a part of the Red Pill community. I didn’t ask to be a part of it, but I’m in the Red Pill sphere, and I’m proud of it. I like the guys in the Red Pill world, the other gurus, and the other content providers. In fact, there isn’t a single Red Pill guy who I dislike. This is very different from the pick-up artist world, where many of the guys have deep, fucked up psychological problems. Even though they’re very good at having sex with women, they’re very deeply unhappy guys with some serious problems.

The bottom line where the Red Pill community is concerned is that I agree with the diagnosis of what they say is wrong, and whenever I see a Red Pill video or read a Red Pill book in which they talk about what’s wrong with society, I’m almost always in agreement with them. Where we disagree—and there are several areas—is when they describe what to do about the problems (or what not to do). 

A core success and happiness technique in life is this: When you have a problem, you only spend 20% of your time defining the problem. The other 80% should be spent solving the problem. If you spend more than 20% of your time analyzing and bitching about the problem, you’re just jerking off and not actually fixing anything. 

And the challenge with most of the Red Pill community is that they flip those numbers—they spend 80% of their time analyzing the problem and only about 20% actually solving it. How many two-hour videos can you make about hypergamy or how horrible feminists are or about how socialists are fucking up the country? You can’t spend the majority of your time bitching about the problem and expect to improve YOUR LIFE.

Because the Red Pill community is so focused on the problem instead of the solution, I estimate that around 60% of the men in this community are angry and want to continue to be angry. Let me explain that. There are two types of angry guys: guys who are angry because they like being angry and guys who are angry about a condition in their lives that they haven’t fixed yet. The first guy is just looking for anger porn on a daily basis; the second guy is the type I appeal to, the guy I want in my audience—guys who want to be happy. Many guys in the Red Pill community say they want to be happy, but they don’t. They really want to spend their days pissed off. They’re unhappy and they want to be unhappy regardless of what happens. And when you want to be angry, you’re not going to take many steps to improve your life.

That takes us to the next problem in the Red Pill community. First, they spend 80% of their time bitching about the problem, and they do spend the other 20% discussing solutions. But here’s the challenge with that, and I’ll use a political example, as much as I hate to. This was during the first Gulf War around 1991 under George H.W. Bush. I noticed that on the news, CNN and other big news channels would go out and interview the people protesting the war. The question would invariably come up: You don’t want us to invade Iraq, but what would you do instead? Saddam Hussein has invaded a sovereign nation without provocation. What would your solution be?

The left-wing protesters’ only intelligible answer seemed to be, “Well, I wouldn’t invade the country!”

Yes, we know that, but what would you do?

“Well, I wouldn’t bomb the cities and kill a bunch of kids!”

The reporter stated, again, that he understood that, and reiterated the question: What would you do to solve the crisis?

Again, their answers were: “I wouldn’t spend trillions of dollars on a useless war!”

Clearly, everything they had to say was in terms of what they wouldn’t do. I saw this scenario play out several times in those days. They know what they don’t want, but they have no ideas about what they do want. That tells me they’re not thinking rationally or clearly; they’re just pissed off. That’s when I realized that maybe we don’t want left-wingers running the country.

The problem is that after right-wingers lost the culture war around 2010, they lost their minds too and became just as insane and irrational as the left. When you ask hard-core right-wingers, “What would you do… ” their answers sound just like the leftists: “Well, I wouldn’t have a bunch of feminists or socialists…” It’s all about what they wouldn’t do.

Years ago, I wrote a 10-article series at my blog about how I would design a country if I started one from scratch. I talked about the constitution, monetary policy, civil rights, welfare spending, foreign policy, the military, all of it. Hard-core right-wingers would not be able to do that. They would just talk about all the things they wouldn’t do. They couldn’t tell you what they would do.

And the challenge with some of the Red Pill guys is that once they get into the 20% where they’re trying to problem-solve, the answer usually consists of “Don’t do this, and don’t do this, and don’t do that.” And unfortunately, a lot of Red Pill guys are very uncomfortable with the question of what action to take because they don’t know what to do. They know what not to to do, and they know what they fantasize about. But when it comes to what to do, they don’t have much to say.

If you press them for an answer, the advice they give more or less boils down to, “Get monogamous with a really young girl who is still a virgin, vote for a Republican, and be Alpha.” That’s basically it. (That’s not their literal answer, but it’s usually some variation of that.)

If you’re familiar with my content, you know what horrible advice that is. Republicans are just as bad as left-wingers in terms of size of government; Trump jacked up the size of government by trillions upon trillions of dollars pre-COVID. None of this advice works. If this was 1953, that advice would be okay. I would actually support that advice during that time frame. Today, it only works in some kind of right-wing fantasy world. It doesn’t work in the real world.

So when you have Red Pill guys recommending things like this, you have to remember that this advice is 70 years out of date.

Now, do I like the fact that monogamy doesn’t work? No, I don’t. It is a problem for society. Do I like the fact that Republicans are basically a different version of left-wingers? No, I hate it. That’s one of the many reasons I had to leave the United States forever. I’m just acknowledging these things as facts, and I factor these things into the advice I give you to improve your lives. I don’t feed you a bunch of fantasy bullshit about how if you marry a 20-year-old girl who’s only fucked two guys that you’ll stay married forever because she’s a Christian and her parents are still married.

Obviously, this is a little exaggerated for the purposes of making my point. It’s not like every Red Pill guy in the world says to get monogamous and vote Republican. Red Pill guys actually have some very good ideas in other areas, like lifting weights, doing TRT, becoming a higher-value man, and working on your SMV. But frankly, getting bigger muscles so women will like you is advice men have been giving other men for decades. That’s not exactly revolutionary. Yes, you should lift weights; for an Alpha Male 2.0 over the age of 35, regular resistance training is a mandatory requirement. Obviously, I agree. But this is basic stuff you should be doing anyway.

The bottom line here is that you have to focus on yourself, and focusing on yourself means taking action to solve the problems in your life. If you’re not getting laid, there are things you can do to fix that. I can help you, and if you don’t like my content, there are lots of other things out there in the manosphere world that focus on specific steps and techniques. Your focus should not be bitching and whining with all your Red Pill buddies about how terrible everything is and how much worse things have gotten.

It’s time for you to start taking action in your life. Take in only the information that will help you in your life. I only read books that are directly related to projects I’m working on right now. I want to fix my life, and a lot of you have a lot of fixing to do. You’re never going to get there if everything is “woe is me” about how horrible everything is in the world today.

Focusing on external solutions won’t solve your problems. You need to solve your problems.

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