Age Ranges of Older Men Dating Younger Women

Sure, older guys can date younger women, but doesn’t it matter how old the older man is? A good-looking 37-year-old can hook up with a 19-year-old, but could a 62-year-old guy do that? Could a 57-year old? At what point does it get non-feasible?

One of the questions I get from guys wanting to date much younger women is a variation on this: “I’m _____ years old. Is it really feasible for me to get to know (and have sex with) women as young as 19, 22, or 25? Should I just give up and pay for it? Is this feasible for me at my age?”

The answer, of course, depends on how old you are.

I’m going to give you a breakdown of the age ranges of men and how those age ranges are compatible with (or not compatible with) dating much younger women and when they may have to pay for sex.

First, I need to clarify what I mean by “older man” and “younger woman.” A “younger woman” is defined as any woman who is 10 years (or more) younger than how you look. I don’t care what your numerical age is; if you look 47, for instance, a younger woman (to you) would be any woman under the age of 37. Dating within that 10-year span is considered societally normal, so I don’t consider that a younger woman.

Another category is one I call VYW—Very Young Women. These are women who are between the age of consent (whatever that is in your state or region) and age 22. 

So when I say “younger women,” it’s both of these categories together.

What is an older man? What is the age at which you are “older”?

Men in Their Twenties

Men in their twenties are “younger men.” At this age, meeting younger women isn’t a concern because pretty much every woman you’re meeting is going to be reasonably close to your age. Guys in this age range don’t have to worry about how to date younger women. No special techniques are needed to date within that age range.

Men Ages 30-34

Men between the ages of 30 and 34 are “older younger men,” but I still consider them younger men. I have written entire articles about the childification of men, and unfortunately for society, most men today in their early thirties tend to have behavioral patterns of guys in their early twenties. That wasn’t the case 30 years ago, but today it is. 

A lot of guys in their early thirties spend a lot of time playing shoot-em-up video games, watching TV, and hanging out with guys at the bar like college students. Yes, that’s a generalization, but if you are between the ages of 30 and 34, you are a younger guy. You also look younger at that age, and that’s also true of women, by the way.

Age 35

I’ve talked a lot about age 35 in my videos and blogs. Thirty-five is indeed when a man crosses the threshold into the realm of “older.” When you hit 35, you are now an older man. Your body will start saying “no” to certain things it used to say “yes” to, and your mental priorities change as well. You are taking on the persona of an older man at this point. If you are a man between the ages of 35 and 39 and you want to hook up with a 19- or 20-year-old, you will have to use older man techniques.

I’ve said before that men’s physical attractiveness—just physically—maxes out at about age 37. So in your late thirties, you are (probably) more physically attractive than you’ve ever been. Men in their thirties tend to look better than men in their twenties, who tend to look like dorks, and that included me when I was that age.

As you get older than 37, you start getting wrinkles or balding, and you have to start using older man techniques. You’re not going to have a lot of trouble as an older man between 35 and 39, but you are still an older man.

Men in Their Forties

There’s some confusion about men in their forties, some of whom believe that once they turn 40, they won’t be able to hook up with women in their twenties. That’s wrong. Men in their forties have no trouble dating much younger women, including VYWs. I’ve had lots of sex throughout my forties with lots of younger girls—in a non-sugar daddy setting, by the way.

Here’s the trick, though: When you enter your forties, your physical appearance becomes a much bigger factor. Younger women are willing to forgive guys in their twenties and thirties for many physical flaws. If you’re a little overweight, have a stupid haircut, or dress like a dork, most younger women will overlook things like that provided everything else is OK.

When you cross over into your forties, that threshold becomes much more narrow. Women become much more picky about how you present yourself, how you dress, and so on. You’re going to have to focus on the older-man techniques in terms of the differences between how you date women your own age and how you date women much younger.

I’ve talked before about how, before a first date, you can stand in front of a full-length mirror, look at yourself from top to bottom, and check every detail about your appearance. All these details become much more important when you’re in your forties and dating much younger women.

But no—you do not have to pay for sex in your forties if you have everything else together. Guys who say it’s all over once they hit 40 are dead wrong. I can tell you for a fact that my success with younger women—non-sugar daddy, normal women—dramatically increased when I entered my forties because I had more confidence and knew what I was doing.

Your forties can be good as long as you cover all the bases.

Men in Their Fifties

That brings us to men in their fifties. This is where things get a little complicated, and I’m about to hit my fifties in about a year, so I’m speaking personally. I’ve talked to, worked with, and coached many men in their fifties in terms of dating younger women. Once again, there’s that category of men who say you can’t hook up with hot girls in their twenties once you hit 50.

That’s still wrong—but it’s not as black and white as it is with men in their thirties and forties.

Men in their fifties break down into two categories: those who have paid attention to their health and physical appearance and those “typical” men in their fifties, the dumpy motherfuckers who are usually beta males or an Alpha Male 1.0s who stupidly surrendered to monogamy. Success with younger women will obviously depend on which of those two categories you belong to.

If you’re a man in his fifties in that first category, you are the equivalent of a man in his forties. You can completely date younger women, including VYW, but again, you have to be really careful about how you come across, how you look, how you dress, your game, and so on. You have very little margin of error once you reach this age.

If you’re in that second category of men in their fifties, you’re in for a lot more work.

You need to take six months to a year and completely transform how you look. You might need to address your skin, fix problems with your teeth, spend some money on fixing your hair like I had to, lose some weight, hit the gym, gain some muscle mass—whatever the case may be. The goal is to get yourself into that category of men in their fifties who have more or less taken care of themselves. Otherwise, you may be resigned to paying for it to get the hot younger girls.

You can still date women in your age range, of course, and maybe even women in their thirties. But beyond that, it’s going to be a challenge, but that’s on you for letting yourself go.

Age 60+

That brings us to men over the age of 60, and this is finally where the naysayers are correct—the ones who say that you’ll have to pay for it to get with super hot girls. That’s true in this case, and that’s just the way it is. I fully expect to be in this category in my sixties.

Here’s the deal, though: That shouldn’t be a problem for you in your sixties because by that time, you should have plenty of money. Money should not be a problem for you at that age. If it is, you have much bigger problems than getting laid by hot girls.

Is it possible to get really hot much younger women without paying for it or doing some kind of sugar daddy game? I would say it’s highly unlikely unless your scenario is unusual; maybe you have some kind of celebrity cred in your local city and can get away with it that way. That’s an odd exception to the rule, though. But even if you look damn good at sixty, you’re probably still going to have to throw around a little money to get with hot VYWs. This doesn’t mean, however, that you couldn’t hook up with very attractive women in their forties or late thirties.

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