Having Multiple Wives (Don’t Do It)

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Here’s one of the top reasons why the divorce rate in free/liberal countries is so high. It’s a reason most human beings don’t understand.

Most women spend their entire lives wanting to get married. Even most “strong independent” women and even most left-wing “modern” women still fantasize about the day they’ll have an amazing wedding with a beautiful dress, marry a cute guy who makes a lot of money, and then live with him in bliss, perhaps having a kid or two.

So that’s exactly what most women end up doing at some point.

The problem is that the fantasy doesn’t match the reality.

Once they’re married, everything is great. Still, as a year or two or more wears on, the woman slowly realizes that this marriage fantasy she’s been building up in her mind since she was a little girl (with the strong assistance of Societal Programming of course) is kinda bullshit.

She sees that being married sort of sucks, at least in her eyes. It’s boring, a lot of work, and you have to deal with a “stupid” husband who is messy and crass and who isn’t nearly as attractive as he was when she was dating him. If there are kids in the mix, now she’s stressed out on top of being bored and irritated.

As I’ve said many times, women love getting married but women hate being married.

So she becomes the 70-80% of women who initiate a divorce and dumps her husband. (Who, usually being the typical beta male, is completely shocked, had no idea anything like this was coming, goes into a deep depression or state of anger that lasts years, and goes on the internet to complain about women and child support laws.)

Now I’m going to give you the modern-day male version of this scenario.

A bunch of young, naive, usually women-inexperienced men in their twenties or early thirties hear stories about traditional Muslims, old-school Mormons, or wealthy Alpha Male 1.0s on the internet having multiple wives. They see videos on YouTube and Instagram about these guys with two or three cute girls in their twenties who live with these men full time, obey them, and even get pregnant from them and have their babies.

“Holy SHIT!” the guy says, “That would be AWESOME! A bunch of cute girls who all live with me? And I can fuck them all whenever I want? And they can’t fuck any other guys except me? And I can impregnate all of them and stuff? Bro!!! THAT’S what I want!!!”

Then the guy stumbles across my content and sees that I teach how men can date multiple women all at the same time with no drama and cheating, with the women’s permission. Then they get really excited, and fire off a bunch of comments/chats/emails to me about how they can have multiple wives like Andrew Tate, or some rich Muslim guy who lives in Abu Dhabi, or their distant uncle who lives in Saudi Arabia, or that show called Big Love from a few years ago.

Not a month goes by without someone excitedly asking me how they can have multiple wives, almost always referring to one or more of the above sources.

The problem is the same as the woman who thinks it will be awesome to get married. The fantasy doesn’t match the reality.

Having multiple wives in your house (or even if you’re wealthy and get one house per wife) means that amount of drama, demands, complaining, emotions, and PMS multiples by that many women. Having one wife is bad enough. Having two, three, or more is even worse.

But it’s even worse than that. If you have three wives the amount of drama and complaints isn’t multiplied by three. It’s instead multiplied by six to ten or more. This is because every wife knows you have other wives that you’re loving, spending time with, and giving money to. These women will be in a constant state of jealousy and will be complaining almost non-stop about “Why did you spend Saturday night with Suzi and not me???” or “Why did you buy Jennifer the new car but not me???” or “Why did you spend time with Johnny (the other wife’s son) and not my son Jimmy???”

I’ve researched this. Polyamorous or polygamous marriages are absolutely full of non-stop drama and complaining from all the wives you have.

The reason this doesn’t happen in my marriage is that all of my other women are just FBs and my wife knows it. She feels protected by this fact so the amount of jealousy, drama, and complaints are minimized.

If happiness isn’t your priority, then ignore my advice and do whatever you want. I just wrote an article about that last week. Go try to have multiple wives and enjoy all of the drama and conflict as you scream at all of these women until one or more divorce you, which if they are Western, they will.

But if long-term happiness is important to you, you can never, ever have multiple wives or even multiple girlfriends at the same time. You can have multiple MLTRs which is almost the same thing. I had multiple MLTRs for over ten years and it was wonderful, but these women weren’t living with me.

As I’ve talked about before, the Alpha Male 1.0 fantasy paradigm is that as long as you’re “Alpha” or “high value” or “rich,” women, including Western women, will just bow down before you and say “Yes, Master” to any demands you make without any argument or complaint. Having multiple wives can work, they say, as long as you’re “Alpha” (or whatever).

Wrongo! That’s not how women work. Even if women agree to a relationship model they will hate on a daily basis, they’ll complain about it non-stop, do whatever they can to weasel around it, and resist it regularly. It doesn’t matter how “Alpha” you are.

Again, if you don’t mind dealing with drama all the time, and a lot of men don’t (Andrew Tate loves it), then great, go for it, but that’s a separate conversation I’ve already addressed.

Lastly, approximately 100% of the men who excitedly ask me about having multiple wives aren’t women-experienced Alpha Males or even close to it. They are almost always eager young dudes with limited experience with women and completely inaccurate fantasies about how women emote in the real world. If a woman-experienced Alpha Male 1.0 like Andrew Tate wants to have multiple wives, at least he has the experience and the confidence to maintain all of that chaos and estrogen. Most men who desire this lifestyle don’t have those traits.

If you want to date, have relationships with, and/or love multiple women, you can. It’s called the high-end MLTR. It works fantastically well and you can have as many as your schedule allows. You can also have an OLTR wife and have very close, trusted FBs on the side you really care about. Both of these models have the positives of having multiple wives without any of the negatives.

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Question of The Week

Older Men With Much Younger Women

J.E. Writes:

In your analysis, when is it a bad idea for an older man to be in a relationship with a woman who is much younger? Or is an age difference alone never the problem? Are such negatives only a part of social programming are or there legitimate risks in your view? Please describe casual relationships and serious ones.

Good question.

First, let’s assume that all of the women we’re talking about here are of legal age of consent in the region where you live. (I always have to throw that stupid disclaimer in there for legal reasons; yes, it’s irritating.)

The short answer to your question is that a significant age difference alone is never a problem unless the relationship is a very serious one with long-term expectations. Both parts of that are key; it’s A) a very serious relationship (or marriage) and B) you have long-term expectations of this relationship lasting a very long time (as in 10-20 years or more).

If the relationship isn’t super duper serious, then she can be as young as you want. I had full-on MLTRs with 18-year-olds when I was in my early 40s and it was just fine. I’ve had dozens of FBs with women aged 18-24 for almost twenty years now. Not a problem.

If, for some odd reason, the relationship is very serious (in the OLTR zone) but you truly, honestly don’t care if you break up with her in one or two years and never see her again, then once again it’s fine and she can be as young as you like. Please note that 95% of men are NOT like this and would hate it if a serious OLTR/OLTR Wife left them in two years; I’m just stating this for the issue of completeness in case you’re in that very odd 5% exception to the rule.

So if the relationship is very serious and you expect it to last a very long time, now age does become an issue. The bare minimum age she should be is 24, though a minimum age of 26-27 is much safer. This is irrelevant to your age.

Moving in with or marrying a 19-year-old girl and expecting that marriage to last 10 or 15+ years is insanity. She’s a goddamn teenager with a brain that isn’t anywhere near done developing. In just a year or two she’s going to want radically different things for her life and she’s going to dump your ass. If she’s a 19-year-old FB or MLTR and she dumps you, that’s fine; she’s not your girlfriend or wife you were expecting to stick around consistently forever.

There’s a reason I never married or even moved in with any woman under the age of 24 even though I had numerous opportunities to do so. There’s a reason why, when I did settle down, purposely chose to do so with a woman in her mid-thirties. I wanted to do so with a woman who had a fully formed brain and was far less likely to pull a 180 on the things she wanted in life down the road.

I have the best of both worlds: a more mature, stable, solid, and attractive OLTR wife and all the smoking hot young girls on the side I could ever want.

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