Here are a few answers to some questions we’ve been getting. Click here to get The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual or Video Course before Monday night when I shut off the shopping cart.

I want to promote this product on my web sites/social media. Are there any affiliate opportunities for this?

Later in June I’m going to announce a full Alpha Male 2.0 Affiliate System, but it’s not quite done yet. If you want to be an affiliate and earn commissions right now without waiting, you can use my current Kartra affiliate system by clicking this link and signing up:

Just be aware that we will be adopting a new system soon, but this will work for you until then.

Will there be a recording of the live webinar you did yesterday on open marriages? 

Yes, but it won’t be ready until next week after the Monday 8 p.m. EST deadline to get this manual/course.

Do you cover how to manage FBs on the side when you live internationally and have multiple bases, i.e. Five Flags?

Not really. That’s a more complicated and niche topic. I will cover that topic in the future either on my blog or through a book.

I live with my girlfriend, but I’m not legally married to her. Does this book/course apply to me?

YES. The material directly applies to you and to men who are legally married. It affects any man who lives full time with a woman in a romantic context, legally married or not. I cover both scenarios in great detail.

You listed the chapters of the book earlier. Could you also list the titles of the video lessons in the video course?

Sure. Here they are:

Lesson 1 – The OLTR Marriage

Lesson 2 – The Three Core Aspects

Lesson 3 – Maintaining Attraction

Lesson 4 – Maintaining Mutual Harmony

Lesson 5 – Maximizing Your Freedom

Lesson 6 – Day to Day Tactics

Lesson 7 – Setting Up Your Zones

Lesson 8 – Reducing Drama

Lesson 9 – Managing Drama

Lesson 10 – Dealing with Catastrophic Problems

Lesson 11 – The Rules

Lesson 12 – Jealousy Management

Lesson 13 – Legal Structures

Lesson 14 – Prenuptial Agreements

Lesson 15 – When to Tell When You’re Married

Lesson 16 – Side Locations for FBs

Lesson 17 – How to Convert from Mono to Non-Mono Part 1

Lesson 18 – How to Convert from Mono to Non-Mono Part 2

Click here to get The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual or Video Course before Monday night at 8 p.m. EST when I shut off the shopping cart.

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