Four More Days Until Enrollment for The Focus Program Ends

There are just four days left to sign up for the Alpha Male 2.0 Focus Program where I coach with you for an entire year (virtually or in real life, your choice, so no travel is required) and you get all of my books and courses for free. 

To be clear, yes, you can make payment arrangements if you can’t make the entire payment right now. As long as you make a decent down payment before December 1st and pay the rest within the 30ish days or so, you’re in. 

Also, yes, you get all the courses and books as soon as you make your full (or final payment) even though the program doesn’t officially start until January 1st. We will probably have an introductory meeting in December though. 

Lastly, I cant definitively say if I will offer this specific program ever again. Maybe I will for 2022 but maybe I won’t, and even if I do, it may be much more expensive at that time; if you want in on this guaranteed, you need to do it now. 

I cannot and will not accept any new enrollments after December 1st. We always get guys after these deadlines saying they “didn’t know” or whatever, thus this warning. 

Click right here to sign up. There are no commitments until you and I have a brief phone call. 

One Comments on “Four More Days Until Enrollment for The Focus Program Ends

  1. I am new to this blog. I am going to ask if anyone currently an FP Member will refer me into the program? I need it before November 5, 2021 is over.  I get a five hundred dollar (USD) discount. I will PayPal you $100 USD if you provide the appropriate contact info and after the referral discount is confirmed.


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