Announcing Everything 20% Off Cyber Monday Sale

For the first time (and perhaps only time) we are having a Cyber Monday sale! On Monday, November 30th, every book and course I have will be 20% off for the entire day. When I say “entire day” that means midnight to midnight EST on November 30th. 

You’ll get 20% off all Caleb Jones books, all Blackdragon books and all Alpha Male 2.0 online courses. (20% off my courses is a LOT of money!) The discount does not apply to any of my coaching services (I can’t discount anything that takes my personal time) and does not apply to any paper books (Amazon controls the pricing for those, sorry). 

If you want your 20% discount, go to on Monday and click “Courses” or “Books” at the top of the page. Pick your stuff, then use the coupon code CyberMondayA2 (capital letters don’t matter) on the checkout page. You’ll get an instant 20% discount on everything. 

There is no limit to the number of items you can purchase, and the discount will apply to all of them. 

That discount code expires at midnight EST on Monday!!! After that, no more discounts! 

I’ve never done a sale like this before (and I may never do this again) but I wanted to be nice to you guys in this time of pandemics, insane governments, and civilizational collapse. Alpha Male 2.0 can not only make you happier, but it can protect you against most of this stuff. 

Coupon code CyberMondayA2 at on Monday. Go for it. 

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