More Q&A For The Ultimate Online Dating Manual


Here are some more questions that have come in regarding the Ultimate Online Dating Manual – updated for the 2020s available this weekend (and just this weekend).

How did you divvy up the parts you wrote vs. the parts the 12 contributors wrote?

I wrote most of the book (obviously) that covers the 80% of online dating techniques that never change even if the specific platforms do. Things like photo techniques, openers, messaging communication, date pitching, and so forth never change; they work regardless if you were using 15 years ago, Tinder seven years ago, Instagram today, or some future app 10 years from now.

The contributors focused on the app-specific advice; exactly what to do on the apps and how to do it. They’re much better at that stuff than I am; they’re doing some amazing shit.

How much sugar daddy game does the book cover?

One full chapter. It covers the basics of how to get started and the differences between sugar daddy game and normal online dating. It also covers both sugar daddy game and salt daddy game (salt daddy is when you don’t pay the women anything).

Just 48 hours left to get the book. Click here to get it.

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  1. Hey Caleb I bought ur book and its amazing but one thing is that u say that 80% of results come from good pictures but you dont show any exemple of good pictures…I was wondering if you have any exemple?

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