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Blackdragon – A Week In The Life

-By Caleb Jones

(Special thanks to Braveheart for that fun graphic. Hilarious.)

One of the more popular posts on this blog is the article where I described my typical day. Some of you in the comments and my email asked me to describe my typical week. Since I'm here to please, here it is, a typical week in my life.

What I describe below is not a literal week, it's as close an approximation of a typical week in my life, with real events that have happened to me, of the type that typically do happen to me. It really is my typical week, the good and the bad.

I'll start Monday morning to Sunday evening. Here we go...

Monday 9:00am

Mondays and Thursdays are gym days. (Non-gym days I do cardio on my exercise bike.) I roll out of bed, throw on my gym clothes, grab my gym bag that was pre-packed the night before, and head to the gym.

Since I make sure to go to the gym when the least amount of people are there, there are plenty of empty racquetball courts for me to use. I put on some heavy metal music on my iPod, and spend 20 minutes doing racquetball drills by myself. Sometimes there are other players to do some one-on-one, but not today, which is fine.

After that, I hit the weights, upper body. I'm still chubby and still focused on fat loss, not muscle gain, so I only do high reps, just 3 sets per muscle group. All I want it is to keep my muscles the way they are. (Once I'm done cutting I'll completely switch my weight training to build muscle and testosterone, but I'm still months away from that.)

Back in the locker room I get a text from one of my FBs, my 24 year-old. She wants to meet up tonight. I've designated tonight for work time, so I tell her I'll see her Thursday. She sends me a frowny-face text which I ignore.

I hit the gym hot tub and mediate for 10-15 minutes using my usual relaxation technique. Then I shower and get ready for the day. I notice the other guys don't do this. Why? Why do they go home sweaty and gross and then take a shower? Very poor time management. When I walk out of the gym, I'm ready for the day. I can even go straight to a business appointment or first date.

Monday 3:00pm

One of my business clients, a lumber company, calls with an emergency. One of the management staff, who recently left the company, has apparently embezzled over $150,000 from the firm. Worse, she's related to several other people on the management team. What a mess. I spend the next hour and a half on the phone with various people, and will probably visit their offices tomorrow. (They're a local client.)

Monday 6:30pm

One of my ex-MLTRs calls. She's moved to a faraway city and has a few business questions for me regarding a company she wants to start. We also talk about dating and relationships too. She's a cool gal and I enjoy the conversation. She says she looks forward to the next time she visits my town so we can "spend some time", however I know the only reason she's saying that is because she currently doesn't have a boyfriend. It's overwhelmingly likely that by the time she gets around to visiting, she will have one, which means I won't be seeing her. (She's over 33.) Oh well.

Monday 7:30pm

Grocery shopping. Onions, peppers, carrots, egg whites, and all kinds of other healthy shit I hate to eat. I walk through the bakery section inhale the sweet goodness of baked bread, fantasizing about eating bagels and carrot cake. God dammit. I hate losing weight.

At the checkout line the woman in front of me is cute, blonde, perhaps late 20s / early 30s. Out of habit my eyes move to her left hand. No wedding ring. I have no intention of doing daygame, but it doesn't hurt to practice. I ask her "What kind of phone is that?" even though I know damn well it's an Android. We talk for a minute, I introduce myself. I don't get her number. I don't care. I have more than enough women in my life at the moment. But like I said, it doesn't hurt to practice.

I spend the rest of the evening working, though I do take a break to play one hour of Civilization V, one of the best computer games I've ever played in my life. I set a timer for one hour to make sure I don't go games are a huge lifesucker and I'm on a Mission. After one hour, the game is off and I'm back to work.

Monday 10:30pm

10:30pm is "all electronics off reading time". Turn off all the computers, put away my phone, ignite the fireplace, get cozy, and read. Tonight I'm reading a classic, Neuromancer. I read it in high school but didn't really understand its extremely dense writing style. Now it's great. I can't wait to finish it so I can get to my next book on my reading list, an economics manual written by Henry Hazlit. Read for about an hour, then go to sleep at around midnight to make sure I get at least 8 hours of real sleep.

Tuesday 9:30am

Sitting on hold with the IRS. My favorite thing. The government's job is to make everyone's life needlessly complicated. I wait about an hour on hold just about every time I call the IRS, which as a business owner I must do occasionally. I put my phone on speaker and while on hold I write two blog posts for my business blog, Sublime Your Time.

Once I get a human being, she is very polite and helpful. She gives me the usual IRS spiel: download this form, fill it out, snail mail it (no email for the government, oh no, that would be too simple and convenient), wait about two months, then call us back and wait on hold for an hour again if you don't hear from us, which you probably won't.

It's amazing that both left-wing liberals and right-wing conservatives want more government to solve everyone's problems, and expect that to somehow work well. But I remind myself that I live in a world dominated by emotionalism and false Societal Programming rather than happiness and rationality, so I let it go. That's the world's problem, not mine.

Tuesday 1:00pm

Several texts come in all at the same time.

One is my mom confirming our appointment on Friday to drop my daughter off.

Another is from an MLTR, my best looking one by far (an estimated ten). I tell her we should hang out Wednesday night. She agrees but only if I come to her house because her schedule is complicated that day. She doesn't live far so I agree and put the appointment in my calendar.

Another is from my main woman, my favorite MLTR of them all, and I get a surge of happiness when I read her text, even though it's something casual. I tell her she needs to see me tonight. She can't...her daughter has a soccer game. Shit. I scan my schedule. Wednesday I'm with my ten. I said I would hang out with my FB on Thursday, my main MLTR is far more important, so I'll bump the FB.

I pitch Thursday and she agrees. She actually wants to come over at 4:00pm...a little too soon...that's usually my writing time. I tell her 7:00pm and she's down. I can't wait to see her.

Remembering that I already told my FB I'd see her on Thursday, I immediately text her and tell her that I can't see her then, but can come pick her up tonight around 8:30pm. She's ecstatic and agrees, saying she's missed me since the last time I saw her. (Which was a week once-a-week rule in effect for all of my women as usual.)

Tuesday 1:30pm

At my lumber client. I sit down with the vice president and lay out a battle plan for how to handle the crisis. I talk to a few other folks and they're all great to work with, with the exception of one woman who is a complete bitch. She doesn't understand why they hired me as a consultant when so-and-so who works in operations has a cousin or something who does the same kind of consulting I do. Why didn't we hire him?

I don't bother to remind her that nepotism was the cause of this crisis to begin with, because she's irrational and it would be a waste of my time. Plus her superiors are also well aware of this already, and they're the ones who sign my checks, not her. So I ignore her and focus on the tasks before me.

Thankfully, the situation isn't nearly as bad as I thought, and by the time I leave their office we have a pretty good handle on everything.

Tuesday 8:30pm

I go to pick up my 24 year-old FB. She has no car, doesn't drive, and still lives at home with her parents. That's fine; she's only 10 minutes from my house. She's immature and needy. This is also fine. She's an FB so I don't care.

I pick her up, stop off at a fast food drive thru to get her a chocolate milkshake (that she pays for), go to my place, and get it on. She's gained weight since I first started playing with her almost three years ago, but I let that slide. I like big butts and big boobs anyway.

Afterwards we talk briefly about her friend who's getting a divorce (ah, monogamy) and how she wants to quit her Christian religion. I agree that's probably a good idea. Then she says she's looking at becoming a wiccan. I tell her that's just her rebelling against her religious upbringing, and her becoming a wiccan is just as irrational as being a Christian. She responds with a confused look. So cute.

I get her back to her place and get back to my house by 11pm, just in time for a little reading before bed.

Wednesday 10:00am

Lots of Skype calls, one after the next.

One to a business client in Hong Kong, an electronics company. I'm helping them with their marketing plan.

Two more are coaching calls for guys in the SMIC program. I continue to be impressed at how sharp these guys are. After talking to them I review my task schedule for the month, and see that I need to do another podcast for them by the end of next week. I've got three topics I want to cover, but I'll figure out which one I'll podcast about next week.

The last Skype call is with a guy I'm doing some business coaching for in Germany. He's increased his income by 73% in the last four months. He's super excited and I'm excited with him.

Wednesday noon

I take a little mid-day break and go see a movie. The only one out that I haven't seen yet is Transcendence starring Johnny Depp. Not my first choice, but I really like going to see movies. I go by myself, and there's only about four other people in the entire theater because it's the middle of a workday. Just the way I like it.

The movie is very blah. At some point in my lifetime they will indeed be able to upload people's entire minds into a computer, so that will be interesting when it happens in real life. But that's several decades away.

Wednesday 7:30pm

I go to see my "ten" MLTR at her apartment. She's talkative and stressed today, laments about work problems and some kind of financial problem dealing with her college student loans (ah, college). This is likely an attempt to get me to "help" her with this, but I ignore it and don't take the bait. Plus, she has other men who give her free money. She's a ten, so she really doesn't need to worry about financial problems unless she gets picky about the men she spends time with.

She starts talking about her next botox treatment next month when I grab her and throw her down on her big square leather couch-thingy. (That thing you put your feet on...what's it called? I don't know. Or care.) We proceed to have sexy time, and it's friggin' awesome, though when I press down on her head I can feel those little lumps that come from her blonde hair extensions. She's so hot. I don't even like to do doggy style with her because then I can't see her perfect face.

When I'm done she gives me a towel, and we talk as I towel off. After a little while I give her a kiss, slap her ass, and head back home. During post-sex drives, my desire to eat, especially high-carb food, is overwhelming, and I do my best to fight the urge to not stop at a Taco Bell or ice cream store on the way home. I succeed, but barely.

Thursday 9:00am

Gym again. Same exact routine.

Today, there's a super hot chick lifting weights, which is unusual since these types of women aren't usually there during the mid-mornings on weekdays when I go. I don't bother to open her or even say hi. I don't have the physique to pick up women at the gym, and running daygame while I'm sweaty, red-faced and panting from my last set doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Meditating in the hot tub is difficult today, since my mind keeps drifting to my main woman, whom I'll see tonight. I'm very excited.

Thursday noon

I briefly visit one of my local business clients, a small chain of urgent care centers. For better or for worse, the greatest growth industry in the US over the next few decades will be healthcare, so I make sure to ask lots of questions and take lots of notes during my visit. Healthcare is going to be a gold mine for those who are properly positioned, and I want some of that cash. I return back to my home office with some good notes that I will integrate into my overall battle plan later.

Thursday 3:00pm 

Instead of going back home, I pick one of my favorite fancy restaurants downtown in a high rise with a nice view and bring my laptop. It's early enough to get a window seat. I sit down, order the cheapest thing on the menu (a salad with no meat that costs eight dollars), tell the waitress to not bring any bread, pull out my laptop, and get to work.

The ambiance here is much nicer than my home office, and it makes me feel rich. Since I have tethered internet access and nine hours of laptop power wherever I go, I'm productive here just like anywhere. I get three and a half solid hours of writing done. (That's a lot.)

Thursday 7:00pm

Back home, my doorbell rings and I run down the stairs like an excited child on Christmas morning. In walks my favorite woman, the one I have high hopes for OLTR. She says "hi", and I grab her by the waist and kiss her like mad. She wraps her arms around my neck and crushes it, mashing her body against mine. It's pure heaven. She kisses just right. So few women know how to do that.

I drag her over to my couch, still attached to her, and we both fall down. I hold her close and touch her face and hair as we talk. She's in her thirties but there isn't a wrinkle on her face. She blonde, with that trim-but-very-curvy body style I love. Most men would probably consider her a 7...I think she's a 11. I hold her close and smile.

Soon we're having sex on the floor. It's fantastic, though much of my time is spent not orgasming since I know we'll be at this, on-and-off, all night long, so Megatron has to conserve his energon.

We alternate between sex, talking, and cuddling for the entire evening, well until midnight. She spends the night in my bed and I hold her close. It's wonderful. Little thoughts come into my head that say things like, "Please don't start giving me drama, please don't start demanding monogamy, then I'll have to next you, so please stay the way you are. Then we can be together, and I can take care of you. You're prefect the way you are."

It's the old saying, women marry men hoping they'll change, men marry women hoping they'll stay the same forever. It's true even for Alphas. (Though "marry" has a very different definition in my life than the typical person.)

Friday 7:00am 

Her alarm goes off, and she's got to leave to get to work. But not until after we have sex again. Morning sex is great, she cums. Bleary-eyed (since it's 90 minutes before I usually wake up), I walk her downstairs after she dresses and give her a kiss goodbye. I hate to see her go, but I'll see her again in a few days. It's almost he weekend now, and that means daughter-time.

I crash back to bed and try to get another hour of sleep in, but it's hard to get her out of my head. It would be so great to get her into a "real" OLTR. I could even live with her. Odds of this actually happening? Eh, I'd say 40%, which is pretty good for me, and considering her over-33 age. Fingers crossed, but no worries. If it doesn't work there's always several thousand other attractive women in my city who may be up for it, and I'm in no rush.

Friday 4:00pm

I drive down to the usual spot where I meet my mother to pick up my daughter. I don't communicate with my daughter's mother...ex-wives are drama and I don't do drama. So it's usually me and my mom doing this. My mom is a talkative, Italian, recently retired school teacher who spends just about her entire life driving around her many grandkids (mostly my two sisters' children) and she loves every minute of it. She has the energy level of a 25 year-old even though she just turned 70 last month. I hope as I age I take after her in this way, rather than my dad who is the typical old guy.

I pull up next to my mom's car in the parking lot and greet my daughter and my mom. As usual, my mom updates me on what my dad and all of my many siblings are doing. I have a dad, two brothers, two sisters, and one half-brother, and most of these people have significant others and children of their own, so this takes some time. I really don't give a shit about what my siblings are up to, but I love and respect my mom and talking about all this family crap makes her happy, so I spend a few minutes nodding my head and saying things like "Oh really?" and "Wow!". It's almost like I'm on a first date.

Indie, my 16 year-old daughter, rolls her eyes at her "crazy mimi" and gets in my car and starts texting her friends as I continue to talk to my mom. After a few minutes, my mom gives me a big hug and encourages me, as she always does, to take my daughter "out to eat" over the weekend. Yeah, okay. Thanks, mom.

As soon as I get in my car, my daughter starts talking to me like a little chatterbox. After her Gay Best Friend™, I'm her second favorite person in the world. With everyone else she just grunts like most younger teenagers do, but with me she can't stop talking. On the way home she goes on and on about her friends at school, her silly family, and guys she thinks are hot. She can't really talk to her mom about this stuff, so I get all of it. I smile and we both laugh a lot.

We get to my house and there are some guys playing roller hockey on my street. I jokingly tell her, "Hey, there's some cute teenage boys over there," and she snorts and replies "I hate teenage boys. I like older men."

Ah yes. God's cruel, ironic joke. I've created a monster. Literally. God help me when she's 25. Just don't get pregnant on accident, sweetie. That's all daddy asks...

Friday 8:00pm

My daughter and I are both nerds, so we watch the latest animated Batman movie, Son of Batman. We both like it but agree it could have been way better, and both point out all the movie's plot holes. I also mention how much better the movie would have been if The Punisher was in it. Then he could just shoot everyone. Including Batman. My daughter rolls her eyes, as only teenage girls can do, and reminds me that Punisher is Marvel, but Batman is DC, so the two shall never meet. I agree it's a good point, but it would still be awesome, since The Punisher is the greatest superhero ever.

Like I said, we're nerds.

Saturday noon

After answering all the high-priority emails in my inbox from the last 24 hours, I rouse my daughter from sleep. Like most people her age she sleeps all day long on weekends. She awakens, barely, and glares at me, not happy I woke her up "early". I tell her she'd better gets her ass up if she wants to go see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Immediately her expression changes and she says, "Oh yeah. Okay."

It takes her an eternity to shower and get ready, so I just work, planning some upcoming seminars I'm doing in Vancouver BC and Atlanta. After about two hours she's ready. (What the hell do girls DO in the bathroom for that long? Or do I even want to know? Thank god I'm a man.)

On the way to the movie theater she asks me, yet again, if she can meet the ten I'm seeing. She saw her picture on my phone one day, and (half) jokingly says she wants to get "tips" from her on how to be a "hot gold digger". Jesus. I tell her to stop being a smartass, and she's not meeting her ever, because she (the ten) is not in that category. (She's a low-end MLTR, and like FBs they have no access to my kids.)

I assure her that soon there will be a woman in my life she can spend time with. I do my very best to keep my women away from my daughter until I know one will be serious and steady. Hopefully my current favorite girl will make the grade. We'll see.

Saturday 2:30pm

Walking out of the movie theater, my daughter does what she always does....she asks me to rate the movie on a scale from 1 to 10. I give it a 7, saying it was okay but there were a lot of things wrong with it. Apparently the next movie in the series will be the Sinister Six, all of Spider-Man's villains in one big movie. That'll be cool. (Like I said, we're nerds.)

Her and I go out to lunch and we talk about all kinds of things. Her school, superheroes, guys, her Gay Best Friend™ to whom she's constantly texting, and ideas on the next trip we'll take together.

After we get back home, I text my son, who lives many miles away to the south in college, asking him when he's going to be back up here. I try to have lunch with him whenever he visits. He's awesome and we don't spend enough time together. Part of being a parent is missing your kids when they grow up...there's no way around it.

Sunday 1:00pm

Leaving my daughter, who is still asleep, I go have a quick first date at a nearby bar that's open during the daytime. I'm not currently in sarging mode right now but this is a holdover from an online dating blitz I did a few months ago. This particular woman was "unavailable"  back then but suddenly became "available" and texted me out of the blue a few days ago (which means she just dumped whomever she was having sex with).

She's 21 years old, very pretty, and very nervous. Half white and half Dominican, she'll be a welcome change to all the blondes I've been dating lately (not that I'm complaining...blondes are my favorite.) She looks at the drinks and nervously asks what I "recommend". Women like fruity, sweet drinks so I help her pick out some kind of mango thing. I get a virgin bloody mary.

She's very sweet, very cute, very polite, but not too sharp. She talks a lot about drama from her last relationship (ah, monogamy) and drama from the Dominican side of her family (typical). She'll make a fantastic FB.

My usual kino, sex talk, laughing, etc, and I'm out of there within 60 minutes. My odds with this one are good, I can tell. I'd say 70%. It'd be great to have her as a back-up when one of my current three women LSNFTE me (or if I have to next any of them). We'll see.

Sunday 6:00pm

I drop my daughter back off to my mom and head back home. After arriving I get a text from an ex-MLTR I haven't seen in four years. She got serious with someone and moved far away, but it didn't work out (ah, monogamy) and she's just moved back into town! (I would later discover I was the very first person she texted as soon as she arrived.)

This is great news. She's definitely in my all time top five women I've dated, and I'm excited to see her. She could even be a good candidate for OLTR if my current main girl fails to get there. Coolness.

Sunday 9:00pm

I plan out the week, specifically the next three days, in detail, and update my monthly plan and todo lists. I also review my annual goals and long-term goals. Life is good. Can't wait for another week...

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This article was originally published on May 18, 2014
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  • Maldek 2014-05-18 06:10:00

    Thank you for making this detailed post; very helpful.

  • Sachmo 2014-05-18 15:07:03

    What do you do between 9am and 3pm that affords you so much leisure time? ... : )

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-18 15:39:13

    "Leisure time"! I wish! You can safely assume that most of the time in the "holes" between the above events is me working on something. That usually means writing, client work, or web site management, in about that order. The advantage of my lifestyle over most others is that I can do all these types of work whenever the hell I want, and do fun things whenever I want...which is the entire point. 🙂

  • Sparks 2014-05-19 10:01:30

    Looks like your daughter's a Type 2 BD. Ironic indeed...

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-19 10:46:46

    Yes she is, to the max. As Al Pacino said, "God doth have a sense of humor".

  • Rilo 2014-05-20 04:27:39

    You have a system that appears to work quite well. Why are you starting to explore day game? It doesn't sound like it's really your niche, and while I can understand people wanting to keep all options available, my interpretation is that it will decrease your efficiency and might possibly affect you mentally if you're not able to close any of those.

  • FudgeMan 2014-05-20 07:44:06

    BD, Have you considered going on TRT,HGH, and a light well planned cycle of steroids once you have a solid gym/diet habit dialed in? Also, assuming you did just that and became ripped/buff After a year or so.. do you think your results on the woman front would explode and you'd reach new levels of both quality and quantity? I've been following a blog called DangerAndPlay and after reading all of their blood work posts and listening to several detailed podcasts ( And research of my own ) I'm starting to come to the conclusion that it's almost retarded not to take advantage of these substances once your past 35 or so. Pretty much every 40 something buff Hollywood guy is at least on TRT and a little HGH. These things get a bad rap but after really reading about them ( when properly used ) they seem like the fountain of youth. The only downside is you need an above average income and intelligence ( both which you have ) in order to afford them and really understand the correct ways to use these substances. Since your an older guy and you seem interested in anything that let's you grab life by the balls ( and fuck hot chicks into your 60s ) I'm very curious as to your opinion on this subject.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-20 10:39:01

    Why are you starting to explore day game? It doesn’t sound like it’s really your niche, and while I can understand people wanting to keep all options available, my interpretation is that it will decrease your efficiency and might possibly affect you mentally if you’re not able to close any of those.
    I did daygame back in 2008ish and made it work. I stopped doing it because online game is so much more time efficient. Since then I have always dabbled in daygame. At some point (hopefully soon) will start doing it in a more concentrated way, just to have a backup to online game, which I will never stop doing. Daygame will never become my "focus" game still works way too well.
    Have you considered going on TRT,HGH, and a light well planned cycle of steroids once you have a solid gym/diet habit dialed in? Also, assuming you did just that and became ripped/buff After a year or so.. do you think your results on the woman front would explode and you’d reach new levels of both quality and quantity?
    YES. Not now, and not yet, but eventually yes. I have definitely lost some testosterone over the last few years, not only because of age, but because of some of the crazy diets I was doing. My plan is this: 1. Get the body fat down some more. It's still way too high. (Yes, I realize TRT can help with fat loss. Don't care.) 2. Once the body fat is down to a manageable level, completely switch my training regimen and diet to boost testosterone levels and muscle mass. (I'm going to be following the testosterone program outlined at Art of Manliness.) 3. Test my T levels after 3-4 months of that, and if my testosterone still isn't high enough (and it probably won't be), then yes, I will do start doing a little TRT. I probably won't do HGH until I'm much older (and I'm hoping by then there will be a better, healthier alternative). Good question!

  • FudgeMan 2014-05-20 14:33:29

    90-120 months is a LONG time. Was that a typo?

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-20 14:40:22

    Yeah, copy-and-paste error. Corrected.

  • Russ 2014-05-21 16:49:50

    Interesting read.

  • Jesus 2014-05-24 10:26:04

    How important would you say friends are to a man's happiness? it seems you have this fulfilled through your kids.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-24 11:08:28

    Friends are extremely important for most men's happiness. You're right, because I'm A) more introverted and B) more decompartmentalized in my friendship-zone, I tend to get my "friends needs" met in other ways. Kids is one, but the other two (that was not apparent in the article) are from long-term FBs (guys forget what the F stands for in Friends With Benefits or what the B stands for in Fuck Buddy) and a few long-time clients. Extended family too. These four sources are more than enough (literally) social interaction on a weekly basis for a guy with my personality. But that's me. Extroverted men and less complicated introverted men should indeed put a higher priority on having friends.

  • Bruce 2014-05-24 16:38:02

    What do you think is an acceptable 2nd date percentage from online dating? I only get about 25% of 2nd dates with women that I want.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-24 21:51:47

    That's a very difficult question to answer because it really depends on your skill level, the age of the women involved, how well you focus on your target market, and a few other things. Speaking very generally and not knowing any of those things about you, I would say that 25% is bad, but not horrible. You could certainly crank that to 30%-40% over time. Given a lot of time, even higher.

  • Bruce 2014-05-25 08:53:17

    That's why not spending a lot of money on a 1st date via online dating is a great strategy that you follow. More guys should do it. I'm 46, the women are between 35-42. I think I have a fairly low threshold for a 2nd date. If the 1st date was ok to good, I'll go for the 2nd. While some women need to feel almost fireworks to go on a 2nd date.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-25 10:02:14

    the women are between 35-42
    That right there is about 70% of your problem, though I understand that because of your age it's easier to get first dates with those women. Keep on with women that age if you like, but start doing your best to go for women age 25-32 as well. You will soon see that while it's a harder to get first dates, it's way easier to get second dates (and sex!) with them.

  • Bruce 2014-05-29 17:15:12

    Younger would be much better. How do you handle the food request on the 1st date? I tell them let's meet for drinks at 7pm. About 20 minutes into it. I get the "I'm hungry, let's see a menu" line. (Usually it's a $10 appetizer or two) plus drinks. I don't really want to buy them food but it seems to happen often, even if I say I'm not hungry. How do you handle this? I can't leave after 20 minutes, and making them pay may look cheap. Thanks.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-29 23:06:05

    If she asks for a little food, like an appetizer, then it's fine and I usually do it. No big deal. If she starts demanding a full-on dinner, then no.

  • Thomas 2014-06-17 11:21:07

    ' games are a huge lifesucker and I’m on a Mission' What's your mission? Earning more money? Living for work?

  • Blackdragon 2014-06-17 12:10:51

    Of course not. Read this.

  • OB 2014-06-18 21:27:18

    Hell yeah, Hazlitt. *fist bump*

  • Evan 2014-08-29 15:41:06

    Very inspiring article BD. Good luck with the blonde!

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