Men Are Against Men Too

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-By Caleb Jones

It's easy for men to blame women for all the problems men are having in society these days. It's much less work to assume that conditions like alimony, fatherlessness, financial divorce rape, etc, are all the fault of those evil, selfish women.

It's not that simple.

It's not just women's fault that men have these problems. It's also other men's fault. As just one example, I have said many times that if men started to flat-out refuse to EVER get married (instead of waiting until their 30s like they do now), then alimony would be women. Women like to get married, and if men took that away from them, which we have the power to do, women would march in the streets and get things like alimony repealed so they could get married again.

Men have not chosen to do this. The stats clearly show that there is virtually no decrease in the amount of men getting married by age 40. They're certainly waiting longer to get married than in decades past, but they're still getting married. Thus, ridiculous and abusive conditions like alimony and divorce rape continue.

To demonstrate a clear example of "men are the problem too," watch the above video. In it, two actors, a man and a woman, pretend to go out on a first date to a bar. The man puts something in the woman's drink when she's away at the bathroom. Everyone else in the bar, men and women both, react with horror, and immediately confront the man in a very clear and angry way.

Then things get very interesting. The news crew plays out the exact same scenario but with the genders reversed. This time, the woman puts something in the man's drink when he's not there. Guess what? A bunch of men see her do it, but none of them say anything. The witnesses even joke about it when the couple leaves. "Haha! I can't wait to see the news tomorrow!"

The news crew couldn't believe it so they ran this test again at a different bar. Exact same result.

Isn't that nice?

At one point, one person finally does confront the woman, but it's another woman, not a man. The men just eyeball her but say nothing, letting her poison the man she's with without any objection.

Can we really say all this anti-man stuff in society is all women's fault?

Societal Programming, Again

Why do men protect women but not other men?

There is massive Societal Programming that states that the lives of men are somehow worth less than those of women and children. When a ship or plane is sinking at sea, women and children are shuttled off first. If they run out of lifeboats, us guys are supposed to suck it up and die.

Women didn't invent this stupidity. MEN did. Women also don't, as a rule, propagate this stupidity. MEN do, including both left-wing beta male white knights and even many right-wing Alpha Male 1.0s.

The sad reality is that the majority of men in modern day society actually support anti-man Societal Programming. I wish this was not the case, but it is. If men supported men just as much as they supported women, what happened in that video would never have occurred. Men wouldn't be paying alimony or be barred from seeing their own kids either.

Based on my own educated guesses of reading the stats, about 70% of men in today's Western world are beta males. "Beta" is a range of course; some of these 70% are extreme, hopeless pussies and others are somewhat confident betas, but they're still beta.

These men go along with just about all of this anti-man, woman-empowerment stuff. They laugh at all those commercials that show husbands and boyfriends as stupid buffoons. They think alimony is a good idea, or at least don't question it. They agree with videos like this. They make hundreds of "OMG you're so beautiful!" comments on every pic a girl posts on Facebook or Instagram. They turn into whiny bitches when women dump them.

And so the cycle continues.

I have also estimated that another 25% or so of men are Alpha Male 1.0s. Thankfully, Alphas don't agree with most of this SP bullshit at all, and that's great. The problem is most Alpha 1.0s (not all, but most) do go along with, and thus reinforce, many societal feminine models. These include things like legal marriage (with no prenup), paying for fancy dates, waiting three or more dates with no sex, paying women's bills (even if not serious), long-term monogamy (at least promising it and pretending to follow it, even if not actually doing it), and many other feminine models.

And so the cycle continues.

This is why to point the finger at women (or feminists) is a gross, and in some cases harmful oversimplification. Yes, women are a problem, but men are a problem too. Men could put a stop to this shit if they really wanted to, but they don't. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Men in society could cure 90% of this societal anti-man garbage in five years or less if they just stopped acting like little bitches (betas) or territorial daddies (Alpha 1.0s). Do they have any intention on doing this? Not really.

And so the cycle continues...

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