Feminism Isn’t A Threat – Revisited

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A while back I posted this article where I said feminism isn’t a threat. Many of you didn’t like that, because to many of you, feminism is the big evil monster that will destroy the world and that we men should all be afraid of. Today I’m going to address some of the arguments some of you have made (both in comments on this blog and in my email) as well as show some evidence of my position, and perhaps make aspects of my position more clear.

-By Caleb Jones

The Definition of the Word “Feminist”
My position is this: Feminists are not a threat to you. I thought this was a pretty clear position. The problem is that it gets confusing when manosphere guys screw up the definition of the word “feminist.” When I say feminist, I mean the angry, purple haired overweight women on YouTube and on college campuses who scream at the top of their lungs about stupid shit that doesn’t exist like the 77 cents thing and rape culture.

That’s it. I’m not talking about anyone else. I’m not talking about leftists, socialists, or left-wing politicians. As I’ve been explaining in great detail for many years now, leftists are a threat to you because they have already won the culture wars and have already taken over the entire Western world. Thanks to leftists and corporate, globalist Republicans like George W. Bush, who most of your right-wingers voted for (thanks guys!), the Western world is now headed for an inevitable collapse.

Hillary Clinton has a good shot at becoming our next President. Well, duh. Of course, as I've been saying for about the past seven years or so. Because the left has already won. But Hillary Clinton is not a feminist. Let me say that again. Hillary Clinton is not a feminist. Hillary Clinton is a largely right-wing, neoconservative corporatist and political criminal who will say or do anything to seize power. She is not a feminist, nor could give a rat’s ass about feminism.

So if you hear the word “feminist” and instantly a picture of Hillary Clinton pops into your head, you’ve been brainwashed. Hillary Clinton is not a feminist. Laci Green is a feminist. Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Sarkeesian’s silly “arguments” about important issues such as women’s butts in video games have been debunked and ridiculed so many times that I almost feel sorry for her. (Almost.) How much power does Antia Sarkessian have? None. How much power does Hillary Clinton have? Tons. And that’s my point. Feminists have no power over your personal day-to-day life.

But leftists do. So yes, if you, as a man, follow the standard Societal Programming system of going to college, getting a corporate job, getting monogamous, getting legally married, and relying on social security or your 401k to support you in your retirement, leftists (not feminists, leftists) are a HUGE threat to you. You’re essentially putting a huge bullseye on your forehead for these people.

If your argument is that there is no difference between feminists and leftists, then you’re just wrong. There is a massive difference between a feminist like Laci Green and leftist like Barack Obama. There’s literally no comparison in terms of rhetoric or power between these two people. Laci Green has no power over you and never will. Obama has massive power over you, even if you don’t live in the US.

If you agree with me that feminists are not leftists, but you then turn around and say that leftists in power listen to feminists and do their bidding, then hang on, I’ll address that point in a few minutes. Right now I just want to make it clear that leftists and feminists are two different things, and leftists are a huge problem for you while feminists are not a problem at all; they're just angry, entertaining weirdos.

Yet More Evidence Supporting My Claim
In my first article on this, I stated that feminism is so unpopular and off-putting to people, including women, that whenever feminist messaging is strongly shoved down our throats, that movie, TV show, comic book, or whatever will flop massively and lose a mountain of money. I gave many examples in the article about this.

Case in point: How did the recent Ghostbusters movie do?
Heh. You already know the answer, but I'll lay it out for you with real numbers. The movie cost about $144 million to make[*], and the rule of thumb in Hollywood is that a movie must gross double its production budget to make a profit, since marketing the movie usually costs the same as to make it. That means it needed to make about $288 million just to break even, and much more than that to make a profit and justify more feminist Ghostbusters movies.

The director of the movie, Paul Feig, stated publicly that the movie had to gross at least $500 million[*]. Instead, it grossed $228 million world wide. It flopped hard, just like I said it would, and Sony lost between $50 - $70 million. Because people don’t like feminism.

The Nottingham Thing
For those of you who don’t know, back in July the UK city of Nottingham issued a new law that said “misogyny” would be added to the list of “hate crimes.” It was stated that a man could be arrested for using pickup techniques on a woman on the street there. As you might expect, for about a week or two the manosphere went wild. “Ah HA! See?!? It finally happened! The feminists finally did it! PUA is illegal now!!!”

Just one problem. Nothing actually happened. As of September, only two men have been arrested and these guys were physically groping women on the street, which as I’ve said before is indeed sexual assault. No one has been arrested for just walking up to a girl and asking for her phone number. If I’m mistaken about this, anyone reading is more than welcome to correct me by providing a link to a credible news source in the comments below. I won’t be holding my breath though.

A few more notes on this:
1. Feminists didn’t pass this dumb law. Leftists did. Leftists (that's leftists as defined by Americans, not leftists as defined by Europeans, which use a different scale for these things) have conquered the UK quite a while ago (Brexit notwithstanding) so I’m not surprised. (I’m in London as I type these words.)

2. Even if men were actually being arrested for walking up to a girl and telling her she’s cute or asking for her phone number (which they are not), Nottingham is just one little city (less than a million people) among thousands of cities all over the Western world. One city out of thousands, where they aren’t even arresting guys, is not a victory for feminists.

3. Will crap like this get worse? YES. Left-wing, anti-man bullshit will get much worse before it gets better (if it ever gets better in our lifetimes). That’s why you need to follow the advice I’ve been giving here for years. More on that in a minute.
But Leftists Help The Feminists!
One argument might be that feminists are a threat because the leftists in power listen to the feminists and impose their will. Women who are not feminists go along with the feminist bullshit, because...why not?More for me! This is not wrong, but it’s also both an oversimplification and an exaggeration. Leftists in power have to appeal to a wide range of idiots, uh, I mean, concerned citizens in order to achieve and maintain power over you and me. This includes various groups such as:

Communists / Marxists Socialists “Light” socialists and quasi-socialists who support a massive welfare state (i.e. the Bernie Sanders “democratic socialism” people, and the Europeans who think they’re “right-wing,” meaning the European version of right-wing which is still far to the left of the American political scale) People who hate (or are jealous of) rich people Normal people who mistake corporatism for capitalism The eco / green people The PETA save-the-animals people The gay rights people. Oh, excuse me, I mean the LGBT rights people. Oh, excuse me, I mean the LGBTIQ rights people. (You fuckers keep adding letters. Could you stop doing that, please? It’s getting stupid. Soon it will be the LGBTIQRZTWLDAMJ rights people.) Every race, racial group, and racial lobby on planet Earth except whites, including Hispanics, blacks, Indians, Asians, Native Americans, Arabs, etc, etc, etc. Every major religious group on Earth except for Christianity, including Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists (yes, that's a religion), etc, etc, etc. Those granola, anti-GMO people The blue collar labor people (the labor union guys) The stoner, pro-drug-legalization people Annnnnnd finally, the women’s rights people / feminists.

As you can see, that’s a lot of different groups you need to kiss ass to if you expect to keep power. This creates three problems with the “leftists in power are slaves to feminists” argument.

1. As you can see from the above lists, feminists are just a tiny sliver of all the groups leftists need to kowtow to (or at least pretend to kowtow to, as in the case of people like Hillary Clinton). If you think the typical leftist in power is putting psycho feminist crap at the top of his/her agenda, you’re wrong. That leftist has way too many other groups on their plate to focus on this one area.

2. Refer to my original article about how damn unpopular modern day feminism really is to everyday normal people who do not live in a college campus bubble or on Tumblr. Mainstream leftist politicians know this. They know that if they go out on national TV and state, with a straight face, that watching porn is encouraging rape, or that drawing big breasts in a comic book is a hate crime, they won’t be taken as seriously. This is yet another reason why, while feminism is somewhere on their list long, it’s not at the top of the list. Not even close.

3. The above left-wing groups often have diametrically opposite opinions and go to war against each other. The mainstream media (which leans left) has done a fantastic job at not reporting these things when they happen, but they happen all the time. Here are just two examples just off the top of my head.

People forget that a few years ago California tried to eliminate legal gay marriage. It was called Prop 8. As you might imagine, the left went wild and mobilized to strike Prop 8 down. Anti-Prop 8 initiatives gained world-wide attention and support.

Prop 8 passed anyway, and gay marriage was made illegal in California in 2008. Everyone was stunned (including me). No one knew why. But later the data was leaked out to the public, and guess who the culprit was? Black people. Black people, as left-wing as they are, don’t really like gay people. The left had defeated itself. The media buried the story.

In my home state of Oregon, there is a huge legal battle raging (actually it might be over now; I have not followed up on it) between, get this, Native Americans (American Indians) and the eco-green people. The Indians want to build a casino in the Colombia River Gorge, on their own land, and the white eco-green people are furious that the horrible Indians would DARE damage the environment by building a building on it. The gall!

Politicians have no idea what to do, because to take sides means you’re either anti-environment (can’t have that!) or anti-Indian (can’t have that!). It’s hilarious, and you’ve probably never heard of it. There are hundreds of these stories every year and you probably don’t hear about any of them. What do you think left-wing, crusty, Alpha Male 1.0, blue collar workers who love their unions think of the typical YouTube feminist’s ideas about the patriarchy? What do you think Western Muslims think about feminists’ views on feminine power? You get the idea. And let me repeat, leftists in power are well aware these disagreements exist within their own ideology. I’m not saying leftists in power never do anything feminists like. Of course they do occasionally, and of course they will continue to do so, but the change will be very gradual, for the reasons I just described.

Speaking of that gradual change... Will It Get Worse? Will this anti-man stupidity get worse in society as times goes on? YES. But this will happen irrelevant of feminists. Like it or not, left-wingers, feminists included, are on the side of history now. They have soundly defeated the right-wing in the culture wars and did so many years ago. The left-wing has been in charge of the West for many years now, and things will of course get worse, regardless of if feminists are intelligent, stupid, successful, or even exist at all.

This is why, irrelevant of what feminists do or not do, say or not say, you must do what I’ve been advising for many years. That is:

1. Learn game and nonmonogamous relationship management skills, so you can get your sexual needs met whenever you want, regardless of what happens in society.

2. Get your income up to $75,000 per year if it’s not there already, via location independent income, pay off all of your debts, and start socking money away in boring, conservative, safe financial vehicles so you’re financially covered.

3. Detach from the governmental, sexual, and financial system as much as humanly possible, as I outline here and here, so any problems created by government or society either won’t affect you as much (or at all) as compared to the typical beta or Alpha Male 1.0.

4. Optionally, make plans to move out of the Western world some time in the next 5-15 years using the five flags strategy or something close to it. This one is optional, and a little more complicated than the others, but I still recommend it if long-term masculine happiness and freedom is important to you. I’m doing it; by 2025, perhaps sooner, I’m getting the fuck outta here. I’m not saying you need to leave your country tomorrow or even next year. Anytime in the next 5-15 years is probably fine. That’s more than enough time to do your research, save the necessary funds, arrange logistics, and execute a battle plan.

My book covers all of these areas. I highly suggest you get a copy and read it if you have not yet. Any man reading this is able to do those four things given a few years of effort. I’m not saying you have to be a millionaire or bang 19 year-old models or move out of the country next month. I am not recommending anything that is hugely difficult or impossible for the typical guy. No excuses.

Even more importantly, no other solution will work. Political movements don’t work. (Did the Occupy Wall Street movement make banks smaller? Did the Tea Party movement make governement smaller?) Brexit won’t fix it. Donald Trump won’t fix it. A revolution won’t fix it. Voting for any political party won’t fix it. Protests won’t fix it. Writing your congressman won’t fix it. We’re past the point of no return now. Improve your life, detach from the system, and/or get out of the Western world. Or angrily look around for political or societal solutions "out there" that don’t exist and suffer the consequences. The choice is yours.

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