All These Anti-Trump Women Protests and Marches

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Exactly as I predicted, the inauguration of Donald Trump (a dishonest authoritarian with zero emotional control who supports government health care, hates freedom of speech, and is terrified that you might find out what’s in his tax returns), has ignited and mobilized the left in ways we have literally never seen before. Right after his inauguration, there were left-wing protests in the USA and around the world, of record sizes, primarily based around women’s issues. Grab your popcorn folks; the sleeping giant has awoken.

-By Caleb Jones

As with most political issues, both the right and the left are wrong, since they both harbor a secret hatred of your personal freedom, but today I’ll focus on all these angry feminists protesting about all the usual complaints regarding women’s rights. Before getting into their arguments, I’ll be clear about my views, so you can understand where I’m coming from.

I am not a conservative, nor alt-right, nor Republican, nor religious. This means I am for unlimited women’s rights, the same as for men. I think women should do literally whatever the hell they want with their lives, provided they don’t directly violate other people’s bodies or property. I think the law should treat men and women identically. As an Alpha Male 2.0, I literally never tell a women I’m dating what to do, since I don’t care, she’s an adult, I’m not threatened by other men, I don’t like babysitting people, I don’t like drama, and I have bigger things in my life to concern myself with, namely my own goals and Mission.

At the same time, I am 100% opposed to socialism or anything that looks like it. Regardless of your gender, the government has no right to put a gun in an innocent person’s face and force that person to pay for your food, healthcare, birth control, abortion, pap smear, time off work, or whatever else you want for free. Uh, no. Fuck you. If you want something, get your ass out there and earn it yourself; don’t put a gun in my face and force me to pay for it. Last time I checked, you’re not my daughter, mother, or wife, and I have my own bills to pay, thank you very much. And before you call me sexist, I am constantly saying this to men all the damn time; so now I’m saying it to you women too. See? I treat men and women the same. You wanted equality, right? Great. Get your ass to work.

I also believe that while men and women should be treated identically under the law, we have to also acknowledge common sense, and the fact that men and women have very different bodies. Expecting all women to be as effective as firefighters as all men are, where they are expected to lug a 250 pound man out of a burning building, is a little silly to say the least.

Are there exceptions to the rule? Are there some bodybuilder women out there who could do this? Of course, and let those women be firefighters if they want, but you cant change the overall standards for jobs that require strong upper-body strength (as just one example) because a few women get butt-hurt about it. You don’t see me whining about how I can’t nurse babies, do you?

Now that you have context, here are my responses to this article about these woman protests that’s been going around lately. The author is actually directing the article to other women who think these protests are pathetic. It still think that it’s a good article to use, since it’s indicative of the arguments most of these protesting women are making. You can make your own choices, speak and be heard, vote, work, control your body, defend yourself, defend your family, because of the women who marched. You did nothing to earn those rights. You were born into those rights. You did nothing, but you reap the benefits of women, strong women, women who fought misogyny and pushed through patriarchy and fought for you. And you sit on your pedestal, a pedestal you are fortunate enough to have, and type.

As I’ve said many times to right-wing men who post on my blogs, just because someone did something 100 years ago that somehow has improved my life, doesn’t mean that I must now make choices today that make me less happy. I do not honor the dead. Trust me, they don’t care. They’re dead. I honor the living, namely, myself and my loved ones. Implying that I must make choices today that damage my happiness because some dead guy did something 100 years ago that benefited me is the height of stupidity and irrational Societal Programming.

Of course I’m thankful for these people, but today I’m on my own. George Washington was a great man, but he isn’t going to pay your alimony payments if you get divorced, nor is he going to get you laid tomorrow. That’s all on you. This applies to women as well. I don’t think women today need to sit around masturbating about Susan B. Anthony or Eleanor Roosevelt. I think instead they need to get their asses to work (you know, that thing you wanted the right to do?) and improve their own, individual lives. You still make less than a man for doing the same work.

This is false, and has been refuted on the internet so many times that I tire of seeing this argument and linking to its refutations. Women make within 2-3%, at worst, of men when the women make the exact same life choices as men. Moreover, childless women in their 20s make more money than men in their 20s. If anything, women are on the rise. It's men who are regressing.

Seriously, ladies, get off this argument already. It’s making you look stupid. You still don’t have full rights over your own body. Men are still debating over your uterus. I don’t disagree. Not only am I pro-abortion in the first trimester, I think that not enough women have abortions and that more should occur. The fewer babies the government forces me at gunpoint to pay for, the better. For more detail on my opinion regarding abortion, read this. Over your prenatal care.
Men in government are debating this because you wanted health care to be a government issue. If healthcare was a free market system like it was prior to the 1970s in the US, we wouldn’t have this problem. Read this for more information.
You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs.
I don’t get this. If you’re saying you shouldn't pay income tax, then I’m right with you, sister! I shouldn't either! Libertarian all the way!
But if you’re saying that the government (meaning me, the taxpayer) should provide for your “basic sanitary needs,” then with all due respect, you can go to hell. Pay for it yourself, Ms. Independent Don't Need A Man. Otherwise, explain to me why the government shouldn’t take over all farms and grocery stores and provide us all with free government food.
You still have to carry mace when walking alone at night.

This is a wise precaution. I always recommend women carry at least mace if they walk around at night alone regularly. A gun would be even better. Oh, but wait, you don’t like those and want those to be illegal so that just criminals have them. Oh yeah.
I don’t like that you have to carry mace either, but human nature is the way it is. Laws and bitching aren’t going to change this.
You still have to prove to the court why you were drunk on the night you were raped. You still have to justify your behavior when a man forces himself on you.

If you choose to go over to a man’s house of whom you don’t know, in the middle of the night, and choose to get drunk while there, and then get raped, then yes, you do need to explain your behavior. That doesn’t mean he’s not guilty of rape; if he raped you, he needs to go to prison. But that doesn’t mean you’re 100% blameless either.
With this rape thing, women don't seem to understand that personal responsibility is not a zero sum game. He can be 100% responsible for his crime and his actions and at the same time, you can hold some percentage of responsibility for your reckless, dangerous behavior. You still have a measure of personal responsibility, don’t you? Or are you a child who is incapable of controlling herself?

And before you call me a rape apologist (or whatever new meaningless phrase you feminists have invented), please read this.
You still don’t have paid (or even unpaid) maternity leave.
Then quit your job and find a new job that offers it.
Or wait until you make more money before you have kids.
Or marry a guy with more money.
Or save up some cash before you have kids.
Or don’t have kids at all.
So many options other than putting guns to small business owners’ heads!
You still have to go back to work while your body is broken.
No, you don’t “have” to do anything. You chose to have that baby while working at that job, as I explained here. No one forced you. That was your decision.

Women have nine forms of birth control, plus the Plan B bill, plus abortion. We men have just one. This is why we men laugh at you when you talk about how you’re “forced” to do something when it comes to having a baby. You have so many more options than we do, it’s ridiculous. (And you still don’t see us men bitching about our “reproductive rights,” do you?)
You still have to fight to breastfeed in public. You still have to prove to other women it’s your right to do so. You still offend others with your breasts.

I agree with you on this. Americans and Canadians in particular need to lighten up. It’s just a boob, people. Boobs are good. Boobs make the world go ‘round.

You are still objectified. You are still catcalled. You are still sexualized.
Yep, you are sexualized when you post closeups of your cleavage or bubble butt on Instagram. When women stop doing this kind of thing, then they can complain about being sexualized. Until then, cause and effect, baby.
You are still told you’re too skinny or you’re too fat.

Well, that depends on what you're talking about, doesn't it? If you are a woman and weigh 200-250 pounds, you are indeed too fat (unless you’re 6’0” or something) to live a happy and healthy life. This is not my opinion, this is fact. Ask a doctor if you don’t believe me.
If you’re a little chubby, then fine, but if you’re truly fat, then I’m not sure why we’re all supposed to pretend that this is a good thing. It is not, for women or men.
You’re still told you’re too old or too young.

I agree this is wrong and should end. On the younger side, I’ve said many times that age of consent and legal adulthood (as just two examples) should be 16, not 18 or 21. On the older side, I’ve said many times that women over 30 and over 40 are still super attractive and I love them to death.

Just remember I said that when you see a man my age on a date with a much younger woman, okay ladies? Remember, all this stuff needs to apply to both genders equally, or else you’re a bunch of hypocrites.
You’re applauded when you “age gracefully.”
Why is this bad? I love it when people say that to me.
You’re still told men age “better.”
We do. Fact.
Hey, women live longer, and you don’t see me bitching about that. Sometimes the facts benefit me, other times they benefit you. Not a big deal.
You’re still told to dress like a lady. You are still judged on your outfit instead of what’s in your head. What brand bag you have still matters more than your college degree.
Um, who cares more about that kind of thing: men or women? Be very honest, ladies.
Do you seriously think that when I’m looking at a woman, I care about the kind of handbag she’s carrying? Do you think I even notice?
You are still being abused by your husband, by your boyfriend. You’re still being murdered by your partners. Being beaten by your soulmate.
This all happens to men too, Sweetheart. Check the stats. This is not a gender issue.
(Oh, and by the way, the biggest single reason for people beating up their partners? Monogamy! If everyone just lightened up a little bit and let their partners get a little on the side occasionally, there would be far less violence in the world. I'm very serious about this.)
You are still worse off if you are a woman of color, a gay woman, a transgender woman.

Again, this is not a gender issue. You can say the exact same thing about non-white, gay, or transgender men. Moreover, gay/transgender men suffer more, in terms of violence and discrimination, than gay/transgender women. Google the stats if you don’t believe me. (Seriously, do you see a lot of lesbians getting beaten up? I don't.)
Why do you keep trying to make gender issues where there are none? Are you bored or something?
Your daughters are still told they are beautiful before they are told they are smart.
And this is a bad thing, because...?
And for the record, I'm pretty sure I told my daughter that she was a smartASS before I told her she was smart.
Your daughters are still told to behave even though “boys will be boys.”

Not only is this false, but it’s an outright lie. Everyone who knows the school system well knows that it’s actually the precise opposite. Girls are treated normally while boys are treated like dysfunctional girls. Boys are punished far more often for being loud and not settling down like girls are biologically designed to do.

I saw this happen with my own two kids as they grew up. Both of my kids were always well-behaved, but my son had way more trouble with his teachers than my daughter ever did, and she’s WAY more of a smartass than he is.
This has already been examined and talked about in great detail by people who know more than I do about this issue, so I’m not going to rehash it all here, but you complaining that girls are treated worse than boys by the school system is so laughable that it’s disgusting.
Your daughters are still told boys pull hair or pinch them because they like them.

And when they grow up, boys are told to pay for multiple dinner dates with no sex if they really like a girl. I’d be more than happy to switch places and have little girls pull my hair and pinch me only to have them buy me dinner for the first few dates when we both grow up. Deal.
Estonia allows parents to take up to three years of leave, fully paid for the first 435 days. United States has no policy requiring maternity leave.
Yeah. That’s called socialism. We don’t do that quite as well here in the US as they do in Europe, and I’m glad we don’t. If you want to take time off work, then great, take the time, but don’t make me or your boss pay for it. That’s your problem.
Singapore’s women feel safe walking alone at night. American women do not.
Correct. This is because Singapore is in Asia, and Asia is on the rise, and America is in the West, which is in a state of collapse, thanks in large part to left-wingers like you.
Just remember that one of the primary reasons the West is collapsing is because of largely left-wing social and economic policies that you support and that I have been opposing for decades. There’s that darn cause and effect again.
Not that I care anymore. Since people like you have destroyed the West, I’ll soon be living elsewhere, so good luck with that mace!

New Zealand’s women have the smallest gender gap in wages, at 5.6%. United States’ pay gap is 20%.
See above about what I said about this pay gap stuff being complete bullshit and how it makes you sound stupid. There is no real gender pay gap in the US or New Zealand.
Iceland has the highest number of women CEOs, at 44%. United States is at 4.0%.
Then you should probably ask why so many American women aren’t going for the CEO spot.
The United States ranks at 45 for women’s equality. Behind Rwanda, Cuba, Philippines, Jamaica.
Ah, so should we be more like Rwanda, Cuba, the Philippines, and Jamaica then? Would you like to be a woman living in Rwanda, Cuba, the Philippines, or Jamaica?
But I get it. You don’t want to admit it. You don’t want to be a victim.
Correct. I don’t. And I feel sorry that people like you idolize victimhood.

You think feminism is a dirty word.
No, I just think that feminism already accomplished its goals many decades ago (women can work now, women can vote now, etc) and now I think you’re just looking around for things to complain about and want a bunch of free shit that you want me to pay for.
You think it’s not classy to fight for equality.

I think equality is great. It’s socialism I don’t like. You can’t put a gun to my head and force me to pay your living expenses. You can ask me for that, and if you really need my help and I know you and love you, maybe I will. I can also choose to donate to charity to help the less fortunate, and I do so every month. But force me at gunpoint to do it? Nope. (But please feel free to move to North Korea whenever you like.)

You hate the word pussy.
Mmmm. Pussy...
I love that word so much, it's my third favorite one (after "freedom" and "money").
Unless of course you use it to call a man who isn’t up to your standard of manhood. You know the type of man that “allows” “his” woman to do whatever she damn well pleases.
Yeah, that’s very Alpha 2.0. Women I date can do whatever they want.
Now if you’re talking about a woman who bosses a man around, well, that would be a beta male, and yeah, he is a pussy.
You believe feminists are emotional, irrational, unreasonable.
At least today’s feminists. Those ones back in the 60s and 70s were pretty cool though. They paid for their own dates, thought monogamy was stupid, and never wanted to get traditionally married. Cool! Where did those feminists go? (You probably had them all killed.)

Why aren’t women just satisfied with their lives, right?
No. Instead, my question is: Why don’t you stop worrying about Donald Trump (who will become a non-issue in just a few years when the left-wing juggernaut continues) and focus instead on your own life and your own happiness? Why are you bothering me with this crap? I'm just trying to get to work while you're blocking the roads and flashing your undersized tits.

You get what you get and you don’t get upset, right?
Not at all. Go out there and get what you want. Just don’t complain about me paying for it. Pay for it yourself, Ms. Independent!

I get it. You want to feel empowered. You don’t want to believe you’re oppressed. Because that would mean you are indeed a “second-class citizen.” You don’t want to feel like one. I get it. But don’t worry. I will walk for you. I will walk for your daughter. And your daughter’s daughter. And maybe you will still believe the world did not change. You will believe you’ve always had the rights you have today. And that’s okay. Because women who actually care and support other women don’t care what you think about them. They care about their future and the future of the women who come after them.

I’m going to tell you what I tell all left-wingers. Guess what? You have nothing to worry about. You’ve already won, and won quite a while ago. All you have to do now is wait to collect your winnings, much of which you’ve already collected (a welfare state, high minimum wage, government health care, gay marriage, single motherhood celebrated, etc).

Seriously. All you have to do is wait a few years, particularly after Trump leaves office, and all the politically correct, socialistic bullshit you don't have yet will soon be a reality in the US (and Europe, and Canada, etc). You on the left have already won, most Republican elites are more or less on your side, and the minority alt-right has a lot of anger and slogans but no actual plan. So there’s really no need to scream and yell and smash your signs into people. Just chill and be patient. The future is yours.

Yeah, I realize Trump irritates you, but he’s objectively and measurably the most hated man ever elected to be president, the Lizard Queen got almost three million more votes, at least 17% of his own voters don't think he’s qualified for the job, his inauguration looked like a damn funeral dirge, and the day after he became president we had the largest protests in history against him. So don’t worry about him; in a few years he’ll be gone like the wind and you’ll have a socialist, Bernie Sanders type running things just the way you want.

I won’t be here when that all happens of course, because unlike you, I actually like to be happy, and I have no interest in living in a collapsing society. But by all means, ladies, keep screaming at all of these useless protests for things you already have or will have very soon. They'll keep you nice and furious, and I’ll be laughing at you from afar, and we’ll both have what we want.

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