Because of Technology, Sexual Monogamy Will Soon Be Impossible

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-By Caleb Jones

I’m now going to demonstrate why sexual monogamy and cheating will soon become literally impossible, due to technological advancements that are coming to your life very soon, and how either celibacy or nonmonogamous relationships will soon be your only two options.

I was going to fill this article with crazy technological details, but fortunately, the British (and Netflix) show Black Mirror did all the heavy lifting for me. If you didn’t already know, it’s an anthology show that has a completely different story every episode, like The Twilight Zone.

The final episode in its first season was titled The Entire History of You. I’m about to spoil it all, so if you really want to watch it, feel free to do so. Even after reading this article, you should watch it. As I was watching it myself, my mouth was on the floor the entire time. I couldn’t believe it; here was an exact picture of what people attempting monogamy will run into in just a few years.

It’s about a married couple, Liam and Ffion (yes, that’s how you spell it; those crazy Brits!) who live in the near future where everyone can play their memories on any nearby screen. They can even rewind their memories and watch them in their eyeballs. Everything they do is recorded in a tiny implant behind their ear. Liam and Ffion are happily married and have a small baby.
They go to a party where a guy, Jonas, talks about how he likes to masturbate to replayed memories of himself having sex with various women from his past. Liam notices that his wife, Ffion, tends to laugh weirdly when Jonas cracks jokes.

When they both arrive back home, Liam replays the party, and shows Ffion how she was acting with Jonas. He gets upset and starts asking if there was ever something between them. She denies it, but using this video evidence from the party, Ffion is forced to admit that she indeed had a fling with Jonas in her past, before she married Liam. She said it “only lasted a week.”

Liam demands that she play the video from the memories of that time in her life. She then reluctantly admits that it wasn’t a week, but a month. Then, with more pressuring from Liam, she admits it was six months.

Drama ensues of course, and they have a huge fight.

Later that evening, Liam keeps re-watching the memories from the party with Jonas, and gets angrier and angrier as he watches Ffion and Jonas interact with each other, observing all the subtle nuances of their conversations. He starts to think that perhaps Jonas and Ffion are having an affair. At a bare minimum, he starts to fear that Jonas is watching memories of him and Ffion to masturbate to.

The next morning, Liam screams at Ffion yet again. Ffion denies there is anything going on with Jonas. Now a little drunk, Liam storms over to Jonas’ home, breaks in, beats up Jonas, and demands that he delete all of his memories from his implant that involve Ffion.
Jonas resists, but finally agrees. Liam watches as Jonas brings up all his sexual activity on a screen, and deletes the Ffion memories.

Later at home, Liam replays the memories of the event. He pauses the part where Jonas deletes the memories of Ffion. He zooms in on the thumbnail picture of the two of them having sex. Looking carefully, he realizes, to his horror, that they were having sex in one of the room’s in Liam’s current house.

With the video data, he confronts Ffion. Caught red-handed, she admits that yes, she had a brief affair with Jonas a while ago, but insists it was a one night stand on a night when Liam and her had a big fight.

It gets even worse. Liam tells her that based on a picture that was hanging on the wall when Jonas and her were having sex, it placed the timeframe at about 18 months ago... about when Liam and Ffion’s baby daughter was conceived. Could it be that Liam’s own baby actually belongs to Jonas?

Liam goes berserk and Ffion starts sweating. She says that of course Liam is the father of their baby, since she made Jonas wear a condom when they had sex.

“I thought you guys were both drunk,” Liam says.

“I made sure he wore one anyway,” Ffion answers.

“Where did you get the condom?” Liam asks. “We were trying to have a baby so we didn't have any.”

“Jonas had one,” Ffion answers.

“That he brought in while drunk?” Liam asks.

“Yes!” Ffion protests.

“Okay,” Liam says, pointing at a nearby monitor. “Play the memory.”

“What?” Ffion asks.

“Play the memory of when you two had sex,” Liam says. “It will show that you made him wear a condom, and then we can put all of this to rest.”

Ffion, terrified, agrees, but then suddenly tries to delete all of her memories so they can’t be replayed. Liam stops her and forces her to play the event. He didn’t wear a condom. Since Liam and Ffion were having trouble conceiving the baby, the baby probably belongs to Jonas.

They get a divorce and Liam’s life is ruined. The final scene is Liam forcibly cutting the implant from the back of his ear with a razor blade in his bathroom, as the screen fades to black.

As I recently talked about, privacy will soon be a thing of the past. In just a few years, there will literally be no way you can cheat on someone without them finding out. Regularly cheating on someone behind their back will be literally impossible.

I’m not saying it will play out just like in the above story, but the above story will play out. Right now, technology is still at a place where if you’re very careful, you can cheat on someone and not get caught. This allows society to continue the farce that is long-term monogamy. However, soon this will not be an option. Soon, if you cheat on a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, they will know. There will be no way to hide it.

This is only one aspect of monogamy that technology will change; there’s even more. As I’ve talked about before, very soon, you will be able to, with an app on your smartphone or similar future device, have sex with a random stranger, using no condom, and not get any STD’s or get anyone pregnant. An instantaneous blood test, linked to the cloud, will be able to tell you with near 100% accuracy if a woman has any STD’s or is ovulating.

Pause and think about that for one minute. Throughout all of modern history, the only two logistical barriers/fears that people used as reasons to not sleep around were “you’ll get a disease” or “you’ll get someone pregnant.” What if both of these possibilities were instantly erased from a free society? What if anyone can now have sex with anyone, with no condom, without any diseases or unwanted babies?

Ha! You think monogamy is difficult NOW? You think people cheat a lot NOW? You think not enough people are getting married or monogamous NOW? Holy shit, pal. Wait until STD’s and unwanted pregnancies become a thing of the past. Everyone will be fucking everyone. It’s going to be a fuck fest, at least among those people still young and confident enough to have sex (it's true there will always be old people, low sex drive people, and losers in any society who won’t be having sex; that won’t change).

Add this to the fact that it will be impossible to cheat without getting caught.
This will leave society with just three options, none of which are considered the normal ideal today:

1. Celibacy (angry or repressed women, MGTOW’s jerking off to porn, etc)

2. Nonmonogamy (open relationships, open marriages, OLTR’s, polyamory, etc)

3. Extremely short-term serial monogamous relationships, the vast majority of which will only last a few weeks, perhaps a few months at most (unless both people are older, as in over age 60).
Long-term monogamy will only be for people who either don’t like sex (i.e. repressed people, hyper-religious people, etc) or literally can’t have sex (i.e. older people; though soon, due to medical technology, older people will be able to enjoy sex just as much as younger folks).

This means that people under the age of 60 who get into serious, long-term girlfriend/boyfriend relationships, as well as people who get married, are going to be forced to accept and define open, poly, or otherwise nonmonogamous arrangements. They won’t have any other choice... the technology available to everyone literally won’t allow it.

I’m going to be right about this. Just watch.

This is why I’ve always said regarding people who defend long-term monogamy: just wait. In a few years/decades, the lie that is long-term, “forever” Disney monogamy won’t even be possible anymore. People under 60 are going to have to allow their partners to play around a little, or literally never get married or into a long-term, pair-bonded relationship. If they demand absolute sexual monogamy from an actual human being (and not a computer, sex doll, or sex robot), they’re going to have to be satisfied with a long string of very short relationships.

We’re in for a wild ride in the next few years folks. Fasten your seat belts. A lot of people are going to be very upset.

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