“What If Everyone Did That?”

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-By Caleb Jones

One of the dumbest, lamest, most irrational responses to some of my techniques is this:
Oh my GOD! What if EVERYONE did that?!? That would be a nightmare because…!

Sometimes I get its little brother, the excuse of,
That’s stupid advice! Not everyone can do that!!!

Honestly, I get this excuse all the time. I was hoping to not actually write an article describing why this is stupid beyond belief, but I guess I have to. I shall address the “what if everyone did that” and “not everyone can do that” questions/excuses to each of the topic areas people tend to throw that excuse at. They are numbered in below no particular order. And before you ask, yes, I really do get people saying these exact things in comments and emails.
1. What if every man on Earth became an Alpha 2.0? How would society function?

Every man won’t. Only a small percentage ever will. Even if I became nationally known and famous, regularly featured on mainstream shows like Oprah, Ellen, Fox News, CNN, and Dr. Phil, and even if these sources supported my message instead of attempting to sabotage it, only a very, very small percentage of men would actually start businesses and go nonmonogamous as I recommend.

As I talked about in detail in part two of this article, my goal is to help the top 10% of men to achieve this lifestyle. That's it! The other 90% of frightened beta males or happy-to-be-unhappy Alpha 1.0’s are going to keep right on doing what they’re doing despite my messaging. I have zero interest in helping these men.

I only have an interest in helping those betas who are tired of being slaves and those Alpha 1.0’s who are tired of the work and drama. I roughly estimate that to be about 10% of men, at best. Moreover, only a small percentage of those men will actually implement my ideas into their lives; the rest of them will nod their heads and say “Damn, this is really good stuff!” and then do nothing. So if you do the math, only 2-5% of men at the very most are going to become Alpha 2.0.

So asking about every man in the world becoming an Alpha 2.0 is, frankly, very stupid. Not even a majority, not even a plurality will even get close. Ever.

2. Not everyone can start their own business! Not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur!

I addressed this already in item number five in my Response To MGTOWs article. To summarize, as I already stated very clearly in my Manosphere article, I’m not giving advice to “everyone” here at this blog. News flash: not "everyone" on the planet reads my content. Not even 1% do or ever will. So WTF?

All of my writings, my blogs, my books, etc, are geared toward you, not “everyone” and not “society.” As I’ve said many times, and shown with many facts and stats, “society” (in terms of Western society anyway) is already fucked no matter what you or I do. I don’t give a shit about “society” and haven’t for a very long time.

Instead, I give a shit about you, the guy reading this article right now. Of course not “everyone” can start their own business and make a little money doing it, but you can. If you’re mentally retarded or live in North Korea, then okay, maybe you can’t, but I have a strong feeling you don’t fall into either of those categories.

I’m a business consultant with 25 years of experience. I’ve worked with literally thousands of people and hundreds of companies in the business world. I have personally seen some of the dumbest, ugliest, most awkward entrepreneurs with the hardest, shittiest personal backgrounds start their own businesses from literally nothing and built them to make at least decent incomes (and sometimes, better than decent). You can too. Not everyone… but you.

3. What if everyone stopped doing monogamy like you recommend? Then the upper 5% of Alphas would get all the women and millions of betas would be sexless and left behind to jerk off in the gutter and the human race would die out because not enough babies would be born oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Read what I said above in item number one about how not everyone will do this. If the comments on this blog over the last many years are any indication, as well as comments in PUA and manosphere blogs and forums all over the internet, you can tell there is a huge population of men who are zealously clinging to monogamy as best they possibly can, despite the literal mountains of data in their face clearly showing that absolute sexual monogamy clearly doesn’t work.

Therefore, the idea that “everyone” will someday stop being sexually monogamous, particularly because of little 'ol me, is ridiculous. Society will always have religious people, traditional people, low sex drive people, hyper-jealous people, old people, people who don’t like sex, overly controlling Alpha 1.0’s, overly controlling female Dominants, and high-ASD women. These groups, and many others, will continue to stupidly embrace monogamy, at least serial monogamy. You have nothing to worry about.
4. Not everyone can be rich!

It is not my recommendation that you be rich. It is my recommendation to get your income up to $75,000 US per year, since numerous studies have shown that income will make you the happiest. It is also my recommendation that you pay off all of your debts and remain debt free for the rest of your life once you do so. Getting to $75K per year, ideally under the Alpha 2.0 model that I describe, and paying off your debts, is easily doable by any man reading these words.

$75K per year is not rich. Because of the destruction of the value of the US dollar over the last 100 years by the Federal Reserve, it’s not even close to rich.
That being said, if you want to be rich, and that's an important goal for you, by all means, go right ahead! That's awesome. I also acknowledge that there are some men who would be unhappy with just $75K per year and would be happier with a little more income than that (I am one of these men). Also great; go for it. I'm just saying the baseline minimum is $75,000 US year, not bazillions of dollars. Anyone saying that I'm telling guys they have to be "rich" is either stupid or is purposely misquoting me.

5. What if everyone took your advice and no one went to college like you recommend? Then everyone would be stupid and we’d all be blue collar laborers and the economy would crash and we’d all be fucked OH NOOOOOO!!!!!

A. As I said above, my advice is not to “everyone,” just you. I don’t advise “everyone” to not go to college. Just you shouldn’t go to college. Let all those other idiots burn up their money and their futures and waste their key four years of early adulthood.

B. You should go to college if you are 100% sure you want to be a doctor. That's perfectly valid.

C. You should go to college if you’ve got a free ride (scholarships or parents) to an Ivy League school like Harvard and your goal is to be an employee for the rest of your life. Yes, a degree from someplace like Harvard will indeed open doors for you…. if you goal is to be an employee and work for someone else. If you’re following my Alpha 2.0 advice, your goal should instead be to own 2-4 small diversified businesses that make a total of $75K per year or more. College is not only useless under this model, but in most cases it's actually harmful to it, because of all the false Societal Programming college will fill your head with.

But yeah, if you want to be a wage slave as a corporate drone for the rest of your life, and you can go to some Ivy League school for free, then go ahead.

D. I understand that a lot of you Europeans can go to college for free. I still don’t recommend it unless your goal is one of the two exceptions above (a doctor or Ivy League corporate drone). The opportunity cost of blowing away the most important four years of your life, age 18-22 or so, where what you do pays dividends for the rest of your life, is far too high.

E. “Go to college” was good advice in the pre-internet age. However, may of you college nerds seem to forget that you have just about everything you could possibly learn at college is accessible via the phone that’s in your pocket right this minute. This is even above and beyond a recent invention called "books." I’m literally one of the most educated people I personally know, and I never went to college. Why do you think that is?

So even if “everyone” didn’t go to college, which will never happen, the world would still be full of very, very educated people.

I could go into more details on this college thing, but hopefully you get the point.

6. Not everyone can bang a bunch of girls!

You’re misquoting me. I never said you should bang a bunch of girls. One MLTR or OLTR and one FB on the side is all you need. That’s just two girls, and two is not a lot. Read this.
7. What if no one got married? Then we’d have a society full of sex addicts and everyone would be running around fucking each other and no fathers would be raising children and all the kids would be raised wrong and then we’d all be fucked OH NOOOOOO!!!!!

I already addressed that in items number one and two here. To summarize, I am pro-family, pro-children (as long as you fully understand what you're getting into), and pro-pair-bonding, particular long-term pair-bonding. I have a family and love them. I have two children and I love them. I generally prefer being pair-bonded to one woman (or close to it, in the case of a high-end MLTR), and I am right now. I’m having a wedding ceremony next year, for fuck's sake. So anyone implying that I'm against families, children, or long-term pair-bonding is clearly an idiot. I'm not a culturally suicidal left-winger and I'm for all that home and hearth stuff.

What I am against is A) absolute sexual monogamy, which is impossible over the long-term for most people under the age of 60, and B) the legal, financial, and logistical threats men incur when they get married in the traditional, legal way.

As I’ve explained many times on this blog and in my books, you do not need to be absolutely sexually monogamous nor traditionally, legally married in order to love/live with a special woman and raise kids with her. And if you don’t believe that, you have been brainwashed by outdated Societal Programming and really need to work on washing that bullshit out of your mind; read this, this, and this for more details on how you can get married and have kids under these new, safe models instead of the outdated, broken, and dangerous ones recommended to you by angry Republicans.
8. What if everyone moves out of the Western world / Europe / USA like you recommend? The entire world economy would collapse because Western Civilization is the only thing holding the world together!!! Not everyone can move out of the country you know!!!

You don’t need to move out of the country and I never said you have to. I just said that I am, because I'm tired of being called a racist and sexist for no reason while paying some of the world's highest tax rates so dickweeds like Trump can bomb little girls in other countries. If that doesn't bother you and you want to stay in your slowly collapsing nation, that's perfectly fine. You can instead structure an Alpha 2.0 financial and sexual lifestyle where you are detached from the system to the point where if your country/economy does collapse, the damage to you is minimal.

Actually moving out of the country and following a Five Flags system like I’m working on is a very good idea, but it’s by no means required. It’s simply the “next level” to the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle I talk about, but it’s optional if you follow all of my other advice regarding nonmonogamy, not merging your finances with a woman, owning your own business, diversified income, low or zero debt, low monthly expense footprint, completely location independent income, international investing, etc.

I explained this in more detail here.
9. Not everyone can bang 19 year-old supermodels!

People who pull excuses like this out of their asses are purposely misquoting me. Never have I said anywhere that you should bang 19 year-olds or supermodels. I’ve never had sex with a supermodel. (Models, yes, but not a super one.) I have had sex with many 19 year-olds, but that was a personal preference I had a few years ago and I don’t really mess around with women that young anymore (at least not really). Been there, done that, a lot, and I don’t need to keep doing it.

What I have said is that the women you have sex with (and again, most men only need two!) should be attractive to you, and that regularly having sex with women who are average or ugly to you is a bad idea long-term.

In going along with my attractiveness scale of ugly, average, cute, or hot, most or all of your women should be at least cute, to you. Getting two or three cute women to you is not difficult. They don’t need to be 19 and they don’t need to be supermodels. Stop being and idiot and STOP WITH THE EXCUSES.

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