The Decision on Whether or Not to Have Kids – Part 2

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A few weeks ago, I wrote this article regarding the many factors you need to weigh before you make the decision on whether or not to have children, or when to have them. In that article, I mentioned there were some unusual scenarios where you could simply have kids and not worry about many of the negative factors I outlined. Today I will describe these scenarios.

-By Caleb Jones

Right up front I have to say that the majority of you will not fall into any of the categories I’m about to describe. Some of you will, but most of you will not. Others of you don’t fall into these categories yet, but perhaps will later in your life. Just be aware of this.

Here are the scenarios in which you are free to simply crank out all the kids you want without needing to worry too much about the negatives. Granted, you still need to read the list of negatives I outlined in the prior article, but they won’t affect you nearly as much if you’re in one of the below categories.

1. You are wealthy, meaning you have a net worth of $10 million or more.

As I’ve said before, men who have a net worth of $10 million or more live in a different world than the rest of us. If you have $22 million, you are free to impregnate as many women as you like, and it probably won’t affect your lifestyle or finances in any noticeable way (unless you chose it to be so). In this article I talked about how it’s perfectly fine if Kate Winslet has three kids from three different men, because Kate Winslet has countless millions of dollars to more than take care of those kids, even if she had ten more. Friggin’ Eddie Murphy has nine kids. Hey, with is money, perfectly fine.

Please note that I said if you had $10 million or more, not if you were a “millionaire.” If you have something like $1.5 million or $2.2 million, you’re technically a millionaire, but because of today’s dramatically devalued currency valuations, you’re nowhere near wealthy and are still quite within the middle class. Granted, you're in the upper middle class, middle class with style, but you're not wealthy. Not even close. So no, I’m talking about a $10 million dollar net worth or more; below that, this doesn’t apply, even if you have a few million dollars of net worth.

2. You are a total loser with no job, no income, no money, and never really plan on having any.

This is pretty much the opposite of the above one, but strangely, it still applies. Many years ago I met a black guy at a party. He was perfectly normal looking, but had a decent level of confidence and game, as many black guys do. In casual conversation, he mentioned he had eight kids with seven different women. I was shocked. He was only about 28 years old. I had never met someone like this before (though I have many times since.)

Such a concept was so alien to me that I started pelting him with questions. “How in the hell are you able to pay your bills?” I asked him, “With seven different women going after you for child support, aren’t you getting 100% of your paychecks garnished to hell every time you get paid?” He shrugged and said, “I ain’t got no job. So I ain’t got no money. I haven’t had any money or income in six years. How they gonna garnish me if I ain’t got no job? Fuck those bitches!”

He was right. He had no job, no income, and no money to speak of for many years. Usually he would just live at friend’s houses, and often he was homeless. Even if the women pressed it with the government, he had no steady address to issue legal paperwork and notices. (This is yet another example of a low-SMV man, a homeless black guy, who was getting laid left and right, and at least some of the women he was having sex with were cute; I know because two of them were at that party. Yet another example why the guys who scream “100% of success with women is all about SMV and nothing else!!!” are full of shit. But I digress.) So yeah, if you have literally no money and never plan on having any for the rest of your life, I suppose you could have all the kids you want. You won’t be very happy, your life will be pretty screwed up, and you won’t be a very good father, but it’s technically an option.

3. You can easily afford a full-time nanny to raise your kids for you.

If you can easily hire a full-time nanny to take care of all the child-rearing work for you and the mother of your children, you do indeed mitigate much of the negatives and freedom-sapping aspects of having children. The problem is the emphasis on the word easily. In the USA, a full-time nanny is going to cost you, on average, $3,031 per month if she doesn’t live with you and $2,803 if she does (source). Can you easily afford around $3,000 per month on top of all your usual living expenses, taxes, business expenses, travel expenses, entertainment expenses, paying off debt, and investing a strong percentage of your income for long-term savings and retirement? Probably not. But for those of you who can, it’s certainly an option.

4. You can “hand off” your kid to some other person in your family who will take care of it for free.

As I’ve talked about before, this is how many teenage or near-teenage single mothers get away with having kids… they just hand the baby over to their mom, and the mom raises it. The mom does this for free. Even if the young girl has another baby, she just hands it over to her mom again. Down the road, when the young girl is older and a little more mature, she takes the kid back from her mom and raises it on her own. (Maybe.)

A ridiculous and harmful system for all parties involved to be sure, but it “works” for the irresponsible girl having the baby. So if, for some reason, you have the ability and the desire to crank out a baby and just hand it over to someone in your family who will take over the responsibilities of raising the child for free, that’s an option. Not an option I’d recommend, but an option.

5. Impregnate women in the third world.

In my business consulting practice, I once worked with a high-income, cranky old bastard in his early sixties who would regularly take long trips to SE Asia on his vacations. Once there, he would have tons of sex with both hookers and “girlfriends,” youngish women (age 25-35) with whom he’d have temporary relationships with. Many of these women he actually married and then later divorced. He had been married eight times (so far).

He didn't give a shit about using condoms, so he impregnated a decent number of these women over the years and had many children. I never got the exact number from him, but I could tell it was a lot. He never suffered financially because he would just fly back to the USA and get away scot-free. There were minimal child support laws in these countries, and even if there were, he was foreigner who only spent a few weeks a year in these places. The rest of the time he was an ocean away in the US, protected from any foreign government going after him for child support money.

My understanding from guys who do a lot of third-world fucking is that doing this kind of thing is not as easy as it once was, since women in countries with zero child support or alimony laws tend to be a little more choosy about the men they have sex with without condoms (apparently this is a big thing in Colombia, as one example). Regardless, if you only want to have kids with third-world women in third-world countries where you don’t live and are not a citizen, this indeed is a way around many of the negatives I mentioned in the first article about having kids. Obviously I don’t recommend being a total asshole about it like the old man I just spoke about though.

6. Impregnate married women.

Oh Jesus. This is another option I don't recommend but that I admit is available. Because monogamy doesn't work, around 18% of children born are not the child of the fathers they think they are. If you impregnate a woman who is married, in all likelihood she'll just assume the baby is her husband's (or know it's not husband's and just not tell him), freeing you of any financial obligation. Obviously you won't be able to actually raise your child though.

If you’re desperate to have kids but want to do so while getting around some of the negatives, there may be a few other ways to do it that I haven’t mentioned above. Just realize that they all require some very odd lifestyle choices in which the vast majority of the men reading these words will have little interest.

As always, having kids is one of the largest decisions of your entire life, with life-long ramifications, both good and bad, that you need to evaluate and be prepared for. Thus, I will repeat my rule I stated in the last article about this: YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS UNLESS YOUR DESIRE TO HAVE KIDS IS AT LEAST AN EIGHT ON THE ONE TO TEN SCALE. If your attitude about having kids in the future is “eh, maybe” or “eh, I don’t know” then you should not have kids.

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