Why I’m Moving Out of the Country – Update

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This is an update of an old article I wrote way back in 2012. In this article I’m going to summarize the specific reasons why I am moving out of the USA in early 2021 sorted by order of importance. I will also give an overview of exactly where I’m going and how I’m going to structure my typical year starting in 2021, as well as my long-term plan.  

-By Caleb Jones

I first started thinking about moving out of the USA back in 2003, but I was a young, dumb beta male back then and didn’t have the logistical or emotional wherewithal. I made specific plans to move out of the country in 2011, waiting patiently until both my kids were grown up and out of the house. That has happened, so now I’m ready to rock.  Some people seem to think that I’m leaving the USA because I think it’s going to collapse soon. This is incorrect.  

As you’re about to see, the main reasons I’m leaving the USA are purely financial as related to my business income, taxes, investing and banking opportunities. The fact that the USA is collapsing (and it is) has nothing to do with these reasons. I would still move out of the USA because of these reasons even if the USA or the West wasn’t collapsing (all other things remaining equal).   Secondly, I don’t think the USA will collapse “soon.” It might take ten, twenty, or even thirty more years for that to happen. It’s not like I’m in some kind of panic and that I need to “get out now” before the world comes to an end. Uh, no. (Granted, if I lived in Europe I might think that, since Europe is much closer to collapse than the USA, but I’m an American in the USA.) 

Some people also think that I’m recommending to everyone in my audience that they also need to move out of the USA or else they’re fucked. This is also incorrect. If you follow Alpha Male 2.0 business and financial structures, you’ll probably be okay even if you live in a collapsing Western nation (depending on the country).   If you’ve got 2-4 international, diversified, location-independent businesses with multiple streams of income, with zero or near zero debt, a decent income, a decent amount of savings and safe investments, you’re not traditionally married and you’re non-monogamous, you’ll probably be fine when the USA collapses. It’s everyone else who will be fucked. Alpha Male 2.0 is not just a path to freedom and long-term happiness, it’s also a layer of protection against the economic chaos that is coming. 

I’m moving out of the country for my own reasons. You can make plans to move yourself or stay here and build your Alpha 2.0 structures as fast as you can. Either is cool with me. What you don’t want to do is keep living the standard beta male lifestyle of having a corporate job with a ton of debt, a traditional marriage, and a 401K in the stock market. That lifestyle was fine back in the 1950s. Today it’s suicide on multiple levels.  All that being said, here are the reasons I’m moving out of the country soon, in order of importance.

1. Financial opportunity. The West is dying, but Asia is rising. One of my long-term financial goals is to take advantage of the trillions of dollars that are going to be made over the next several decades in Asia due to numerous factors and reasons (some of which I listed here and here).  I will be much better poised to take advantage of these business and investing opportunities if I live over there instead of sitting here in the Collapsing USA listening to the insane left and the irrational right scream at each other about things like NFL players kneeling and transgender bathrooms. I prefer to be right in the middle of the action (or very close to it) instead of on the other side of the ocean a painful 15-hour flight away. Call me crazy, but I prefer to be around organized and super motivated Asians than a bunch of hypersensitive white socialists (and I include modern-day right-wingers when I say that). The former is conducive for fast track business success, the latter is not.   Man, I can’t wait to get over there! I’m so excited!

2. Five flags. I’ve overviewed this here. I want to minimize my legal tax burden, maximize my ability to travel, maximize my ability to invest and bank all over the world, and most importantly, reduce my reliance on any one nation. I want to be as independent as possible from any economic or political upheaval in any one country, including my country of origin, the USA. This means five flags, and this means I need to live abroad Being rooted logistically, financially and emotionally to one place is not freedom, at least in my opinion. Double that if that place has a rapidly expanding government like the USA does.

3. I love international travel. I love visiting other countries; it’s one of my greatest joys in life. What better way to do this than to live abroad, rotating my home as I see fit? My heart beats with excitement every time I visit places like Shanghai, Paraguay, Hong Kong or Dubai far more than with any other city in the Collapsing West. I’m not saying there aren’t fun cities in the West: San Diego, London, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Paris are all enjoyable cities too. But they don’t get my blood pumping the way many non-Western cities do. I like to be happy. And I’m fully location-independent due to my Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle. That means I need to go where I’m happiest. And that’s not here.

4. The West is collapsing economically and culturally. Finally, here it is, at number four on my list. Yes, the West is collapsing, and I’d prefer to get out while the getting is still good. You could argue I don’t need to get out and will be fine in a collapse and you’d be more or less correct. Regardless, I would like to be in a part of the world on the rise rather than on the decline. And there are those other reasons on this list. I also don’t want to mess around with the collapse when it actually happens. I’d prefer to be across the ocean and smile at it from afar rather than be in midst of it here. Maybe the collapse will be really horrible and maybe it will just be a mild inconvenience. (I lay out exactly what I think will happen here.) It doesn’t matter.  

Perhaps if I was single and a very young man, living in a collapsing society and trying to exploit that for my personal gain would be interesting. But I’m a married man (OLTR Marriage of course) and I’m almost 50 years old. That means that when the collapse happens, I’ll be well into my fifties, sixties, or even older. The last thing I’ll want to do at that age is fuck around with that. I’d rather focus on my Mission.
5. The cultural collapse has become irritating. As entertaining as this stuff often is, I’m at the point where if I hear one more Democrat scream about how Hillary would have made a great President, or one more Republican try to defend being in eight different wars, or one more SJW scream about the how racist we all are, or one more Trump worshiper scream about how Trump is going to magically fix everything, then I’m probably going to jump off a cliff. Yeah, I’m exaggerating. This stuff doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I mostly just laugh at it today. But I’d be lying if it didn’t annoy me sometimes. I can only see so many left-wing commercials, so many bad movies, hear so many stupid songs on the radio. People in New Zealand might be socialists, but they aren’t the ranting, incompetent madmen my fellow Americans, Canadians and Europeans have become. 

And look, I’ll say what I’ve said before: I love the people in the USA. I really do. American culture is a deeply rooted part of who I am; I love all of those aspects of myself that I’ve drawn from my country and culture. I just don’t like what the culture has become. It’s one of the times I actually agree with the right. It’s just that unlike the right, I know there is no cure... other than for me to leave.  I know that if I just visit the USA a lot instead of living here most of this stupid shit won’t annoy nearly as much, since it won’t be “attached” to my life anymore. Other men who have already left the USA have reported that this is exactly what has happened to them. It makes sense.

6. Government is becoming too intrusive. As conservatives enact more intrusive, anti-privacy measures to fight the ridiculous war on terror (flown on an airplane lately?), and as left-wingers create more nanny state programs and shove more politically correct BS down my throat (have you heard those oh-so-important tax-payer-funded radio ads nagging you to wear your seat belt?) the tentacles of government weave themselves more and more into our lives as Americans.

If I was a convicted felon or other such security risk, that would make sense, but I’m not. I’m not a criminal, I work very hard, I am ethical and truthful, I pay my taxes (a lot), I donate money to charity every month without fail, and my work really does help people in a meaningful way. Although I’m definitely a flawed man, I am a good father, good citizen and generally a good person. 

Regardless, Big Brother still wants to treat me like a suspicious criminal, a small child, or a greedy asshole. It still wants to constantly be in my face, wag its finger at me like I’m always doing something wrong, make me spy on my neighbors, make me fill out forms, run my life, tax the fuck out of me, scold me like I’m a five year-old and tell me what to do in even the most minute of areas. And every year it gets worse. Yes, even post-Trump. 

As always, I seek long-term happiness. This means I seek maximum personal freedom. This means I can’t live in the USA anymore. We now live in an era where you can literally live in a socialist country like Australia or New Zealand, or a second-world country like Paraguay and as long as you’re following Alpha 2.0 lifestyle models you’ll experience more personal freedom on the overall there than living in the Land of the Free, the USA. Isn’t that weird? It’s kinda funny.  My Current Plan as of October 2019  Just a quick update on my plan because it’s been a while since I’ve written about it. 

In exactly one year, October of 2020, Pink Firefly and I are going to move away from the Portland area and get a house in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m required to spend some time in the USA every year, at least for a while, for various complicated tax reasons, so this will be our winter home for the next few years and we’ll spend several months a year there.  Just a few months after that, once we’re settled in Phoenix, in February or March of 2021, we’re going to go to Auckland, New Zealand to get our second home there.  

Once that’s locked down, I will spend about 4-5 months a year in New Zealand (during the spring/summer), 4-5 months a year in Phoenix (during the fall/winter), and 2-4 months a year traveling abroad planting my other flags, primarily in Hong Kong, Paraguay, Panama, Singapore, China, and Italy, in about that order. Every year I will spend less and less time in the USA and more time abroad until that 4-5 months per year drops down to about one month per year. I plan on living that pattern for about 5-10 years or so before I modify it again, but that’s down the road. I’m location-independent so if I change my mind, I’m free to do so at any time. For now, that’s the plan. I know I keep saying it, but I can’t wait to get started… 

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