You Can Be Freer in A Less Free Country

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I’m going to explain a concept of which you are completely unaware unless you have extensive experience not only traveling internationally but traveling to countries outside of the first world. This is a very confusing concept to those who haven’t traveled very much and have lived their entire lives within the bubble of a high tech yet unfree first world country like the USA, Canada, the UK, and so on.

-By Caleb Jones

There is a massive amount of false Societal Programming that says the USA is the freest country in the world. People living in similar first world nations like Canada believe that their country is also quite free as compared to most other nations on Earth. 

I have already talked extensively at this blog regarding the fact that the USA is, in fact, not a free country at all and doesn’t even rank in the top ten countries in the world whenever it’s placed against these countries in various freedom indexes. As a matter of fact, it’s barely even in the top 20, and rapidly declining as the USA becomes more left-wing and bloated and as other, smaller nations embrace more freedom and capitalism. 

Again, other USA-like nations such as Canada, Australia, the UK, and so forth also operate under the delusion that they are somehow freer than the rest of the world, when, in fact, they are not.

People in the first world tend to think that things like high technology, cleanliness, and the size of a typical house equate to personal freedom. Decades ago, when the Western world was on the rise, this was true. Today it’s not. Today, if you live in a “nice” first world country, you are subject to so many fucking laws that your day-to-day personal freedom is actually less than it is if you live in a less free country. This is doubly true if you are a Western Alpha Male 2.0 expat living in that country. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re an Alpha Male 2.0 American living in the USA with all the usual location-independent income inherent to the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle. Let’s say you pack your stuff and move to Argentina. Or Vietnam. Or Bangladesh. It doesn’t really matter. The point is you move to a country that is lower on the economic scale and considered “shitty” or “third world” or “authoritarian” by your fellow brainwashed Americans.  

As an example, let’s say that country is Vietnam, but it really could be any number of 50 different countries like this. You move to Vietnam as an Alpha Male 2.0 with your location-independent income. You either get residency in Vietnam or bump back and forth using visitor’s visas. Following Five Flags model, you're careful to never become an actual citizen of Vietnam; you just live there most of the time.

In your day-to-day life in America, you are subject to thousands upon thousands of bureaucratic bullshit laws that you’ve just become accustomed to following. Like a fish in the ocean who can’t see the water around him because there’s so much of it, there are so many rules and laws that you don’t see them... from how you get paid, how you bank, how you drive, where you’re allowed to park, the color you’re allowed to paint your house, the size of your toilet, all of these things and thousands of others are tightly controlled by the US government, the largest government ever to exist in the history of mankind. 

But now you live in Vietnam. Suddenly, you’re allowed to do all kinds of things you weren’t before. You can actually live the life you want, even though Vietnam ranks at number 128 in terms of freedom instead of being in the top 20 like the USA. Unfortunately, you might still have to pay a little tax to the USA even though you don’t live there, but that’s about it. And if you’re from Canada or Australia or some other Western nation, you don’t pay any taxes to your country of origin. (As I've discussed, even many openly socialist countries today are freer than the Collapsing USA.)

It’s true that you don’t have quite the level of freedom of speech that you had in the USA, but you don’t care. Sure, if you live in China, Dubai, or Singapore and you say bad things about those governments while you live in these countries you might have a problem. But you’re not a citizen of those countries; you just live there (or spend a lot of time there every year). You’re not a politician or political activist, you’re just an individual American living abroad conducting your Alpha 2.0 business. As an Alpha Male 2.0, you don’t give a shit about any of that local political stuff. You’re just thankful for living a freer life. So, while you’re not allowed to say these things, you wouldn’t bother saying them in the first place since you don’t care. 

Years ago, when I was briefly considering moving to China, people were horrified and confused. “Why would you live in such an authoritarian country when you love freedom and you’re a libertarian, Caleb???”  Because China’s authoritarianism isn’t an issue for me as a white, Western, individual, American Alpha Male 2.0 living abroad who isn't involved in politics. It’s an issue for Chinese citizens, Hong Kong citizens, Tibetan political dissidents, giant corporations, massive political movements, and newspapers. It has little to no effect on me, a lone Western citizen using VPNs spending time in China (or any other country) who doesn’t care about any politics, local to that nation or otherwise, especially if I followed Five Flags (which I would) and had no assets in China even if I spent most of my year there.

I know Western expats who live in places like Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Serbia, Azerbaijan, and various other “authoritarian shitholes” with much less “freedom” than most Western nations and these men experience far more freedom in terms of their individual, day-to-day lives and personal finances than the typical Westerner living in the USA, Western Europe, or whatever. 

I’m not saying you should go move to some small, low-freedom nation. If you enjoy living in your slowly collapsing Western nation, feel free to stay (provided you're self-employed and your income is location-independent!). I’m just saying that when you see men move away from these nations to other countries you feel are yucky or less free, realize that these men are probably going to end up being more personally and economically free on an individual level than you are.  

Certainly, that’s true if these men are also Alpha Male 2.0s who have maximized their personal level of freedom. 

Which is the entire point here.

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