The Story of My History with Women – Part 18 – Returning Women

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This is the next installment of the book I never published regarding my history with women and the lessons I learned from it. If you haven’t yet, you should read parts one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16, and 17 before you read the article below, so you can be up to speed on where the story picks up. I’m not describing literally every woman I dated or had sex with during these times. I’m just focusing on the most noteworthy ones. Everything below is all 100% true to the best of my memory, journals, and spreadsheet records, though all the names of the people described have been changed. 

-By Caleb Jones

We last left off about ten years ago, in early 2010… 

January 2010 

At the start of 2010, I had pretty much my entire online dating system and non-monogamous relationships management system in place. Things were solid, and I was feeling very good about the women side of my life. Later in the year I would finally start to shift my focus back over to my financial life and physical life… but not quite yet. I was still having fun with my reasonably new superpowers and wasn’t quite done with play time. 

I was seeing two regular women plus several sporadically on the side. The two main ones at this time were: 

HBM – Now 20 years old. I had just upgraded my Asian girl from FB to low-end MLTR because we were getting along so well. I saw her every week consistently. We weren’t serious (she was too young), but she was certainly becoming more serious than an FB. 

Charlotte – 27 years old, smart, fun, college-educated redhead who was a regional manager of a large restaurant chain. She started as an MLTR but we were rapidly getting much more serious. By mid-February she was officially my high-end MLTR. 

Because I had been doing this solidly for three years, for the first time I started to experience women returning to me after LSNFTE and other breaks. This was when I started tracking how often women returned to me (after playing around with temporary monogamy with other men who were almost always drooling beta males), how long it took them, and the conditions under which they left and returned. 

The first to come back was Emma. She finally calmed down regarding her bout with herpes. Her breakouts ended and her health was back to normal. We were communicating sporadically over Facebook and she seemed to finally accept the fact that I was going to see other women forever. She made one or two statements about it and literally never brought it up again. Nice. 

On New Years Day, 2010, I went over to her place and we had sex, seven full months after she left over getting upset about Shelly (story here). However, this time Emma had herpes, so I had to be really careful. Today I wouldn’t do this, but way back then I simply made sure she was on suppression therapy, wasn’t experiencing a breakout and made sure she didn’t feel one coming on, then left my underwear on during sex and wore a really good condom. That way there was no skin-to-skin contact during sex. Then I’d rush to the shower and lather up right after sex. 

It was a hassle, and again, I wouldn’t do such a thing today, but Emma was very hot, and we always got along well, so back then I considered it a small price to pay. I started seeing her again semi-regularly, always taking the same precautions. 

Coincidentally, Shelly, the woman Emma was upset about in the first place, also returned around this time. Shelly was a blonde corporate gal, age 29, who made a six-figure income as an internal auditor. Just like with Emma, I had to be careful during sex with Shelly since she had recently recovered from cervical cancer. She was very horny but also very nervous about having sex after her recent cancer, so I had to be very slow and gentle. I didn’t like it (slow and gentle is the opposite of how I have sex), but I liked her and she was exactly my physical and mental type, so I put up with it.  

Interestingly, Shelly would sometimes mention that if we got serious she would make me sign a prenup if we ever got married. As always, women with high incomes demand prenups more often than men with high incomes, since women secretly know marriage is temporary and men are idiots when it comes to marriage. Not that any of that mattered, since a prenup is the least of what I would have demanded if I had become married. 

A third woman who returned in early 2010 was Emi, who I met way back in 2008 when I was playing around with crazy Selina. I saw Emi a few times once again and we really hit it off, or so than two years prior. One day she checked out my MySpace page and saw HBM’s stuff plastered all over it. This upset Emi who was looking for a serious boyfriend despite her younger age. She vanished. We would remain friends from then on but would never have sex again. 

The fact all of these women were returning to me was extremely interesting. For the first time, I started to calibrate my system so that when a woman left me, my odds of her returning would go up. 

Lesson Thirty 

If you are happy, low-drama, outcome independent, non-judgmental, and do everything correctly in your non-monogamous relationships, there is an over 90% chance the women who leave you for LSNFTE reasons will come back to you eventually. A woman never actually “breaks up” with an Alpha Male 2.0. She just goes on temporary breaks before coming back.

So, during the first three months of 2010, I had four women I was seeing regularly: HBM, Charlotte, Shelly, and sometimes Emma. For the first time since my divorce way back in 2007, I started dialing back on the online dating. I didn’t see the point of adding any new women when I already had four regulars plus a growing list of ex-FBs and ex-MLTRs who I figured would return at some point down the road (and I was right, more right than I knew). 

Though I’m not quite sure, I believe this was around the time where I came up with the Roster concept of active and recurring-but-currently-inactive women, meaning that I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my life picking up new women like some kind of pick-up artist. I had finally accomplished something beyond just the ability to bring new women into my life whenever I wanted. Now, I had a group of current and recent exes who would see me for the long-term (though sporadically per woman), providing me with a possibly never-ending group of women I could have sex with without ever needing to go back to the dating sites unless I really wanted to for some reason. I still hadn’t figured out precisely how to do this since I was only three years into the process, and this would take a much longer time to verify it was a proven model. It looked very promising though.

Around March Shelly started leaning on me to get more serious. Of the four women I was seeing, she was the only provider hunter. She was aware that I was having sex with other women and didn’t mind, but she started leaning on me for something much more serious, with marriage as the objective, even if it was an open marriage. 

I did not want to get married at this time in my life, traditionally or otherwise. It was way too soon for me and I had other objectives. I explained to her the risk of divorce and the pressures this would likely create for something more monogamous. (I had not yet formulated how an OLTR Marriage would work.) This upset her, though she was smart enough to not deny the realities of these things. After all, she was the one who brought up the concept of the prenup before I did, so she was well aware of the risks of getting divorced. 

We had another conversation about it, and she finally let something slip that most women know but never actually verbalize: “So what? So, you get married and you get divorced a few years down the road! So what? What’s the big deal?” 

Yup. That’s exactly how modern-day women secretly view marriage. 

Lesson Thirty-One 

Most women know when they establish a new serious relationship or marriage that the relationship/marriage will end someday. Always remember this and adjust your actions accordingly. Also remember that men are very stupid about this, have no idea this is the case, and usually think things like marriage will last forever, or likely will. 

Needless to say, I didn’t budge, and Shelly soon did a LSNFTE. She left me for an extreme beta male, which is what she wanted. (And of course, she came back yet again later when it didn’t work. See? It’s a great system!) 

This was all fine, since there would shortly be another small group of new women in my life, as well as more women returning, and even some friends of existing women entering my dating life. 

More on this in the next installment. 

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