Alex – Age 20

I’m writing this to show guys what’s possible when you actually try and just how
achievable your goals regarding women are. I’ve come a long way, especially when I compare
myself to what I was like back then. The possibilities are endless, and some of the situations I
find myself in are incredible. Here is my journey.
I started as a standard teenage AFC in my senior years at school. Frustrated was an
understatement. I didn’t understand women at all and was baffled with the guys they chose. I
used all the whiny clichés such as “nice guys finish last”, missing the point entirely. I’m half-
Asian, and I used that as an excuse too, complaining that girls didn’t like Asian guys. I was a
virgin: I hadn’t even kissed a girl. Yet I’d noticed that many other guys, including many who I
deemed less physically attractive, were already getting laid. All these things hurt my self-esteem,
and certainly left me frustrated and confused.
As a very introverted guy I played A LOT of video games. Especially ‘League of
Legends’ in which I ended up reaching the top 1.8% of all players worldwide. Writing this right
now makes me imagine all those thousands of hours being used for something productive like
Game or piano. I was a typical beta, who spent most of his time indoors being sexually
frustrated. I think a lot of guys can relate to that, no matter what age. After lucking out on a prom
date, getting oneitis for her, and then hearing she slept with some random at the afterparty, I’d
had enough and made a conscious decision that I needed to change.
After some searching, I stumbled across the Manosphere. As a guy who understood
NOTHING about women, I found it confronting to say the least. There was this secret
knowledge about women that the average guy didn’t think it was possible to understand. I read
through a number of blogs and became hooked.
What I realized was that girls don’t want a nice guy, they want an outcome independent
badass; a guy that will excite them. An Alpha 2.0. I realized that I was definitely NOT an Alpha
guy, in fact I fit the beta description perfectly, thinking that kissing ass and being a gentleman
would get you laid. I decided I needed to improve myself, to get more experience, to live a little.
I stopped playing games, I started forcing myself to interact with people, and most importantly I
started talking to girls. I noticed myself becoming more socially adjusted, more confident and
most liberating of all, not giving a shit about what others thought. I started dressing more ‘cool’
and casual, and I started acting how I wanted. I soon got my first FB through Tinder with some
shaky but fundamentally sound Game, and finally lost my virginity. For the first time in my life I
didn’t feel like that butthurt guy with oneitis who didn’t get the girl, I was that guy with MORE
than one girl, free and happy.
Fast forward two years.
I was in Rome on a holiday and decided to hit up Tinder. I matched with an girl from
Finland. We met up and what started off as a normal date turned into the craziest night of my
life, from skinny dipping in fountains together, to making out on famous statues, lucking our way
into a free hotel room and then banging until the sun rose. It was crazy. We kept in touch, and
decided to begin an LDR. This is where one piece of BD advice helped me most. Do not lie. I
knew I’d get up to mischief back in Sydney if we were exclusive, so I just laid it out for her and
told her the truth of what I was willing to do. She was completely understanding. This saved me
a lot of drama and trouble in the future. She arranged to come stay with me in Australia for 2
months during the Christmas holidays.
During the time before she arrived I’d met a Norwegian girl at a barista course and
arranged to meet up the following week. We hung out, and after some time she mentioned that
she was home alone. BD advises against kissing on the first date but I was confident with the
outcome: so I just pulled her in. Not long after, she invited me back to her place. She lived in
Vaucluse, an extremely wealthy part of Sydney with great views of the Harbour Bridge. I didn’t
believe her for a second, but sure enough after a short Uber ride we pulled up at this goddamn
mansion. It was a massive three story house, with an onyx staircase, indoor swimming pool,
underground cinema, you name it. I woke up the next morning in this fucking mansion next to a
naked blonde Norwegian girl, staring at the harbour bridge.
Fast forward a month and my OLTR girlfriend from Finland was staying with me in
Australia. We were definitely in NRE but I kept myself very self-aware, so although I was
happy, I didn’t lose my brain. She was definitely an Independent, not needy or controlling in the
slightest. I decided to bring up one of those things most guys my age would think is unattainable:
a threesome. She was happy and curious to try. Because I’d maintained solid frame, she didn’t
mind me doing some daygame with a good mate of mine after uni. So I was out one afternoon in
Hyde Park and noticed a cute blonde sitting by herself writing in a journal. I opened her
confidently, showed dhv chatted for a few minutes, grabbed her number then left. She turned out
to be German, over on a short stay. A couple of days later I hit her up with an amicable but
straightforward text asking if she wanted to be the third in our threesome. After a few exchanges
she agreed to meet up near my place. We met and spend about an hour chatting before heading
back to mine. We ended up in my bedroom: I slowly but confidently pulled the German girl in
close to me and started making out with her, I then pulled my girlfriend in too and that was that
(three-way kisses actually work alright.) Unsurprisingly, four boobs are better than two. It was
completely fun, relaxed and casual. Compared to my old scarcity mindset, I felt totally
independent and in control: even if my OLTR left me, I knew I’d be fine. I would be able to find
another girl.
Writing this I’m a bit amazed at how much I’ve changed. Just as I started off a typical beta
and climbed pretty high (I’m still climbing), I know that any guy reading this can do the same.
Just make that decision to start that change, and you can become successful with women without
sacrificing your freedom. Since then my OLTR has returned to Finland, and I have two dates in
the following week: one with a busty Aussie girl, and one with a Swiss girl I met on the streets.
Life is good.