C.G. Says…

When I first discovered Caleb’s/Black dragon blog it really caught my attention I had a bit of skepticism at first but went ahead and implemented his strategies towards women and dating and his techniques totally worked.

After reading his Unchained Man book I realised his practical no B.S. approach to success in all areas of life was exactly what I was look for.  After joining the SMIC program I’ve gone from having no idea how to start a location independent business to now having picked a niche and created multiple digital products. I’m also on my way to eliminating all my debt.

The SMIC program is a juggernaut of information his podcast alone are worth joining, specifically the podcasts on:

  • How to start a location independent business 
  • How to get out of debt 
  • Dating younger women 
  • copywriting 

Caleb is the real deal there’s nothing in the pua/ redpill universe like the SMIC program. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner.