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Over the past year or two, I have received a lot of questions regarding my relationship and life logistics when I move out of the USA in a few years. I’ve included all the questions I commonly receive about this below, along with their answers. I will consider this a living document, and will regularly add new questions to this article as they arise, and will continue to respond to on-topic comments at this article indefinitely.

-By Caleb Jones

However, and this is important, for this article I am limiting the queries to only questions about my relationship and woman life, as well as very general, overall questions about me living abroad. Questions about specific logistical, legal, financial, or governmental areas are for my other blog, and I regularly address those issues over there; I will not address them here, and any questions about such will be simply answered with a link to my other blog.

Before I get to the questions, here’s a very quick summary of my current plans for leaving the Collapsing West. These plans are not set in stone. Aspects of these plans could and probably will change before I make my final exit in a few years. Here’s the current plan as it stands today, in December of 2017:

Pink Firefly will move in with me in a few weeks, and we will live as husband and wife (OLTR version of course), since I personally consider cohabitation and marriage as the same thing (if you live with someone, you’re living the married lifestyle, regardless of what you do legally, financially, or sexually). Our wedding ceremony is in August of 2018. I will not disclose the legal/financial details of this, though it's pretty easy to guess. We will have no children (PF has no kids and doesn’t want any, thank god, and I have two kids, but they are already grown). I will continue to maintain 1-3 FB's on the side (one long-term primary FB whom I've already chosen, plus two sporadic backups). Over time, my activity with FB's will slowly decline in frequency but will never go to zero, since monogamy doesn't work.

From now until 2025, I will shift as much of my income as I can from the West to non-Western sources. I will continue to make long international trips at least twice a year. At some point in the next few years, I will establish a part-time office in Hong Kong. Per my five flags plan, I will set up foreign business entities and start moving all of my investments offshore (most are offshore or stateless already) with the possible exception of some real estate. I will also work on acquiring one new passport, and later, a second passport, for a total of three (including my current USA one).

On or before 2025, when I’m about 53 years old (or sooner), PF and I will move to New Zealand (or it could be Argentina or even Australia, not 100% sure yet). We will establish our primary residence there and get a house (that will be rented, not purchased, since in accordance with five flags I don’t want to own any assets in any country I live). If needed, will only be there 5.9 months out of the year to avoid incurring any taxes there. Then we will spend three months in Hong Kong to cash in on financial opportunities in the Rising East, and then three months in the USA during the summer to visit friends, family, children, and (by then) grandchildren. We will continue to make this circuit every year until we slow down and settle more permanently somewhere that we both like. We’re in no rush.

That’s the current plan. Here are the common asked questions about it.

1. You have a large roster of ex FB’s and MLTR’s. When you move out of the country, won’t you lose all those women and have to start over? I will lose the majority of those women, yes. I will not lose all the women, especially considering that I will have plenty of time to “prep” the women I’m with by then and keep at least one or two in place in the USA if needed. If I have to go the sugar daddy route and throw a little money around to do it, I shall. Money won’t be a problem by then.

2. Why the hell are you moving to Asia when women over there are more sexually conservative / have higher ASD? I’m not moving to Asia. I’ll just be visiting Asia a lot and doing business there. I will be living somewhere like New Zealand or Argentina.

3. Why the hell are you moving to China? They're authoritarian! They do all these horrible things to people who live there!!! I'm not moving to China.

4. Why the hell are you moving to Asia when you like big-boobed blonde women? See the question above. I'm not moving to Asia. This seems to be a common misunderstanding with people who read my content. You can escape the Collapsing West and take advantage of the Rising East without actually living in Asia. I'm going to live somewhere Western-like (NZ, Argentina, etc) and do business in Asia and visit Asia a lot, not live in Asia. I love Asia, but I'm not huge on most Asian women (too flat chested), the climate is harsh, the air quality is poor, and the some of the governments are a little too authoritarian for my tastes.

5. What if Pink Firefly doesn't want to spend a full three months in Hong Kong (or whatever) and chooses to stay in New Zealand or the USA a little longer? Then she's more than welcome to stay wherever she wants. I'm an Alpha 2.0, therefore I never tell women what to do. That includes PF. She's free to do what she wishes... and so am I.

6. If Pink Firefly goes back to the USA (or wherever) for several weeks without you, will you have sex with FB’s in your home, even though you two have a rule against that? That depends on which country we’re in if/when that happens. If it happens while I’m in New Zealand, the answer is no, since that will be our home and I’ve made a promise to not have FB’s in the house (unless she wants them in there, and sometimes she does). If it happens while we’re somewhere like Hong Kong or elsewhere in a temporary apartment, then probably yes. PF and I will have to feel our way through that as we execute the plan.

7. How are you going to find new women once you move abroad? The exact same way I find new women now; online dating plus a little sugar daddy game. It won’t be a problem (cuz, you know, I'm Blackdragon). I’ve had plenty of sex when I’ve traveled abroad and it's never been a problem for me, though that’s not why I travel. If I was 10+ years younger, I’d also do daygame, but I’m too old for that shit now in my opinion (age 45) and will definitely be too old for it by then (early 50's).

8. How are you going to maintain women if you keep moving around like that all the time? It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m pretty good at this stuff so I’m not worried about it. And again, if I have to use a little sugar daddy game to maintain women in two or three different countries, I don’t mind doing that. As I’ve said before, sugar daddy game is a perfectly viable option for higher-income men who have game.
9. How the hell do you know that the USA/West is going to collapse? I don’t know. I just know it’s the most probable outcome. I could be wrong, and if I’m wrong, that would be great!

10. What if you’re totally wrong about the USA collapsing? What if you move away and the USA does great? Aren’t you going to feel stupid? Are you going to be mad you missed out?

If the USA's economy booms after I leave, that would be fantastic! I would make even more money from the USA while paying barely any taxes as a five flags expat. Moving away from the USA and having the USA boom economically would be the best case scenario. However, it’s extremely unlike to happen. As always, I play the statistical odds rather than follow my feelings. Feelings are nice, but they're usually wrong.I’m not moving out of the Collapsing West just because it’s collapsing. That’s reason number three. Reason number one is to save money on taxes. I don’t like paying some of the highest tax rates in the world so that the assholes who run my government can use my tax dollars to bomb civilians in other countries, bail out millionaire bankers, or give it to lazy people who don’t want to work. I think that's evil and I want no part of it, but that's me. If that doesn't bother you enough to move, great.

My goal when I move out of the USA will be to get my overall legal tax burden to 4% or less, which is very doable under the plan I'm following. I’ve talked a lot about this at my other blog.

11. If you knew for sure the USA was never going to collapse, would you still leave? Yes. I hate America’s taxes, I hate America’s laws, I hate its new left-wing direction, I think the right-wing's big-government nationalist over-reaction to the left is the exact wrong way to respond, and as a minarchist libertarian, I despise 99% of everything my government does. I'm also disappointed, almost to the point of disgust, with the modern-day versions of America’s political left voters and political right voters. It was Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump in the last election, folks. Get me the fuuuuuuuck out of here.

12. Okay, okay, what if you knew the USA would never collapse and your total taxes here dropped to 4% or less? Then would you stay? I know it's not going to happen but just pretend it did.I don't do fantasy hypotheticals. "Hey BD, would you fuck a mermaid? I know they don't exist but just pretend they do."

13. What if Pink Firefly decides she hates living wherever you’re living and wants to move back to the US? I’m an Alpha Male 2.0. That means that PF is free to move wherever she wants with zero drama or resistance from me, but I’m never moving back to the USA unless something very unusual and improbable happens with its economics, government, and culture.

14. Are you actually going to renounce your citizenship?

Yes, though it will be well after 2025 (unless something unusually horrible happens within the USA sooner). I was always considering it, but wasn’t actually planning it, but then this happened. If insane American voters elect authoritarians like Tantrum Trump who, with a stroke of a pen, can bar legal residents from entering the country, or socialists like Bernie Sanders who can jack up my taxes into the stratosphere even if I don’t live in the USA and don’t use any of its resources, then fuck it, I'm done being an American. Long-term, I need to base my citizenship in a country with a less aggressive government. It's sad and I don't like saying that, since I truly love what my country used to be, but honestly, I see no reason not to move on at this point.

15. Are you aware that you are still liable to pay USA taxes even if you move out of the country? Duh. Yes. I’ve done a lot of research on this and I’m well versed on this issue. The first $105,000 of income is exempt from almost all American taxes (provided certain things). I’m not really worried about it. And I’ll eventually renounce citizenship anyway.

16. Are you aware that you may have to continue to pay USA taxes up to ten years after you renounce your citizenship? Duh. Yes, I’m aware that’s possible, depending on various factors. Even if they do it, again, the first $105,000 of income is exempt anyway, so I’m not concerned.
17. What passports are you looking at getting? That's a big and complicated topic that I’ve discussed in great detail over at the Caleb Jones Blog. Go over there and check out the article guide and the archive.

18. Won’t it be difficult to constantly have to get new women in these countries? Especially when/if you tell them you have a girlfriend/wife already? The difficulty bar will be raised, yes. Will it be a huge problem? No. Will I be able to do it? Yep. Also, the older I get, the less side-sex and side-FB’s I plan on needing. I'll never be monogamous because monogamy doesn't work, but it’s not like I’ll be constantly banging FB’s week in and week out for the next 50 years.

19. How are you going to handle health insurance when you move abroad? There are various international health care plans, and I may have two, one for the USA and one for my new home country. Not a big deal.

20. Dude! Girls in are ugly!!! You’re not going to be able to find any hot babes there! There is no such thing as a country with zero hot girls. (Okay, maybe China. Just kidding!)  Again, I'm not some Thrill of the Hunt player or young pick-up artist who needs to bang tons of chicks. I'm way past that phase. One FB per country is all I’ll need, if that, and I'll have to replace her occasionally. That's it. Any country in the world has a pool of cute/hot girls to satisfy that very small need.

21. Are you going to keep writing on your blogs after you move away? I have made a commitment to my audience that I will continue to post here until 2024, and I always do what I promise. I play the long game. The entire Blackdragon / Alpha Male 2.0 business has always been a 15 year project, started in 2009. 2009 + 15 years is 2024. At 2024, I reserve the right to stop posting here, or start writing somewhere else, or start writing on different topics, or just keep posting here as usual. It really depends on how I feel, so I don’t know what I’ll do specifically with my blogs by then. I’ll keep posting until 2024 though.

22. Where are you going to have sex with your side-FB’s when you’re abroad if you’re not allowed to do that in your home?

It depends on where I am (NZ, USA, or HK). I will use a combination of hotels, my separate office, perhaps a second residence (studio apartment), and likely a nice boat. It also depends on how much sex I have with FB’s when PF is involved (she likes to watch). Maybe some or all the side-sex I need can be done in the house, depending on which country I'm in at the time; PF will like it that way; but that's only a guess. I'm not a control freak and I'm not an Alpha 1.0. As long as I can have sex on the side whenever I want it / need it with no drama, I’m very flexible about details.

23. How often will you return to the USA after you move abroad? At the moment, I plan on spending 2-3 months per year (in the summer months) initially, for the first few years at least. Over time, as I emotionally detach from our collapsing nation, I will spend less and less time there. I will still always sporadically visit the US for business reasons (seminars, conferences, etc) and family reasons. However, regarding family reasons, both of my children have expressed strong interest to move out of the country as well (my kids are adventurous and smart), so long-term, they may not be in the USA at all. And my parents will eventually pass away, leaving me literally no reason to visit the US other than for business reasons.

24. What international investments do you have / will you have when you move? As always, it is my policy to not reveal personal financial information over the internet to millions of strangers. That being said, I have discussed some of my investments (current and future) and some of my investment strategies over at the Caleb Jones Blog. We also talk a great deal about investments at my monthly coaching program.

25. Aren’t you going to miss your kids and your family? With my summer visits, plus email, plus things like Skype, plus new technology coming down the pipeline (like where your entire wall is a screen and you can “Skype” people using the entire wall, like you’re actually there), not really. We live in the 21st Century, folks. It’s not required to always physically be in the same room to visit loved ones.

And like I said, my “loved ones” are really just my two kids and my two parents. That’s just four people who in a decade or two will be just two people, since my elderly parents will no longer be alive at that time. Two people is not a big deal. I’m not one of these “family people” who’s really into his extended family (siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc).

26. What will you do for work after you move away and your Mission shifts into phase two in 2025? Writing and seminars, as well as several diversified sources of residual income, both from investments and residual businesses. I will shift towards topics such as self actualization, philosophy, and fiction, but I will always talk at least a little about achievement as well (business / woman success) since that's such a big part of my life. I just won’t be focusing on those things anymore.

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