“Marriage is like that show Everyone Loves Raymond, but it’s not funny. All the problems are the same but instead of all the funny, pithy dialogue everyone’s just pissed off and tense.”

The 2007 movie Knocked Up is one of those very rare times a Hollywood movie presents both genders accurately in terms of how they behave in dating and relationship situations. The first time I watched the film, and the few times I’ve re-watched it in later years, I’m always struck how well the screenwriters and director nailed it. This happens so rarely that Knocked Up is a real treat to watch (it’s a very funny movie also). Its accuracy completely fails in the last 15 minutes, when it becomes the standard Hollywood/Disney girly fairytale, but prior to that it’s good stuff.

I’m assuming that most of you have probably already watched the film at some point. Today I’m going to go through the statements and actions of the movie’s characters and present them in ways you probably didn’t think of when you were first watching the movie. All dialogue quotes below are taken from the movie verbatim.

(If you haven’t watched this movie before, that’s okay, you will still derive value from this article. And yes, there are definitely spoilers below, but hey, this movie is seven years old so that’s your problem.)

Married People and Single People

First you have the stressed-out, married, over-33 woman who is nervous when she goes to the club with her younger, hotter, single sister. Married Woman is distressed that she won’t be as hot as the other hottie girls at the club.

Once the two sisters, Married Woman and Hot Single Girl arrive at the club, Married Woman is pleased when a horde of needy beta males clumsily hit on her. She loves the attention and feels sexy.

Why? Because she’s married. Being married beyond the three-year mark is extremely boring, especially sexually, and this is exciting to her. She can experience a sexuality and joyfulness impossible in her boring monogamous marriage to Married Beta Male. (More on this marriage in a minute.)

On the other hand, Hot Single Girl does not like guys hitting on her married sister. She gets jealous and feels threatened by guys giving her sister attention rather than her. Since all women crave attention more than anything else, she cockblocks her. As soon as a guy hits on her sister, Hot Single Girl blurts out “She’s married.”

Married Woman immediately gets pissed at Hot Single Girl. She doesn’t want guys to know she married while she’s flirting with men (ah, monogamy). I wonder what her husband at home would think about that?

Do YOU know any married women like this? Heh.

But let’s continue…

The beta male hitting on Married Woman, being a guy, is horny and doesn’t care if she’s married, so he continues flirting with Married Woman, who eats it up. Hot Single Girl ups the ante and says “She has kids!” More conflict between the two women, and the horny beta still doesn’t care. (He’s casually responds “I love kids”, and eyes Married Woman sexily.)

Fun. See how accurate this all is? And we’re just getting started…

First Inaccuracy

Then the first of the only two big inaccuracies in the movie take place. The hero of our story, Loser Beta Male, meets Hot Single Girl at the club. Hot Single Girl gets tipsy and immediately starts escalating on Loser Beta Male, who is chubby, needy, dorky, ugly, and has zero game. She literally asks the guy to go to “his place” first, kisses him before he kisses her, and practically drags the guy to his house and has sex with him.

This is complete bullshit and does not happen in real life (barring the usual 1% exceptions to every rule). 9s and 10s do not escalate on betas who are 3s, even when drunk. But this is the only inaccuracy for the rest of the movie until the very end.

The Pregnancy

Hot Single Girl, who of course is Very Smart™ and Very Put Together™ and has a Great Career™ is shocked to find out she got pregnant from Loser Beta Male™, who has No Job™ and sits at home all day and Smokes Weed™.

Hot Single Girl does what most women over age 25 do when they get pregnant on accident. Does she get an abortion like she should? To avoid having a baby she doesn’t want that will completely screw up her life with a complete loser father? Nope. She decides to keep the baby and “keep it a secret”. How many times have you seen otherwise intelligent, educated, put-together women make this ridiculous decision that fucks up their lives when everything was going great for them? I’ve seen it a lot.

(It’s fine when a woman has a baby as a pre-planned event in her life. I’m talking about when it’s an accident and goes for it anyway.)

Even Hot Single Girl’s own mother pleads with her to get an abortion so she doesn’t destroy her life. Hot Single Girl says no. It’s Her Life Dammit™, and if she wants to completely fuck it up, that’s her choice. So she will.

During the entire pregnancy, from the very beginning all the way to the end, the purchasing of the baby stuff, the doctor visits, during everything, she constantly commands Loser Beta Male around, and he obeys like a little puppy. “It’s not my situation,” she sneers, “It’s our situation.” It doesn’t occur to her it was her decision, and hers alone, to carry the baby to term. Loser Beta Male would have been happy if she had an abortion. (So would she.)

Loser Beta Male is a real beta. She’s not used to betas, and he’s not used to hot chicks. At one point they have this conversation:

Hot Single Girl: You’re a sweet guy, right?
Loser Beta Male: I think I am, yeah.
Hot Single Girl: Don’t fuck me over, okay?
Loser Beta Male: I wouldn’t do that. Just so you know, I’m the guy girls fuck over. I’m that guy. So you don’t fuck me over, okay? I couldn’t take it.

See, Hot Single Girl, like most hot single girls, is used to dating hot assholes, not betas. She’s used to getting fucked over by all the players, jerks, and Alphas she’s accustomed to having sex with. Loser Beta Male is a beta, who is scared to death that Hot Single Girl will vanish out of his life with no explanation, which is what all the other women he’s been with have done. It’s a true clash of cultures and experiences between them.

As time goes on, the drama and orders in the relationship continue and intensify, as is typical. Hot Single Girl actually tells Loser Beta Male that he must support her, in all things, no matter what, even if she’s wrong. (Does that sound familiar to any of you, gentlemen? Hmmmmm?)

Bitching about his relationship to her, Loser Beta Male laments, “If I wrote out a list of things Hot Single Girl won’t let me do, it would be endless! Have I told her to stop doing anything? Ever? No!” Doesn’t get more beta than that.

Finally, while Hot Single Girl’s hormones go ballistic and her respect for Loser Beta Male is at an all-time low, they have a huge argument in the car while on the way to a doctor appointment. (It’s her car, and she’s driving, of course.) Hot Single Girl screams and complains about all the stuff she’s sacrificing. “My job! My body! My youth! My vagina!” Again, it never occurs to her that she chose to have this baby, when everyone else in her life (including logic and her own mother) warned her that not getting an abortion would be a bad idea.

Finally she pulls the car over and orders Loser Beta Male out. He obeys like a pussy and doesn’t even know where he is. Then she drives away, onwards to the doctor’s office.

Does he hard next her ass and never see her again? No, he’s a beta with oneitis. He angrily walks three miles to the doctor’s office to “support her”. And of course, she immediately starts yelling at him the instant he walks into the office.

Being Married

The movie also accurately features a married couple, Married Woman (who is Hot Single Girl’s sister) and Married Beta Male. One night, Married Beta Male meekly asks his wife, “So what do you think? Should we have sex tonight?” Married Woman makes a disgusted look on her face and says, “Ugh! Sounds awful!”

Since they’re both way past the first three years in her marriage, Married Woman is now bored with sex with Married Beta Male, as is typical in monogamous marriages. Being the typical over-three-years married woman, Married Woman is stressed, bitchy, and high drama, and is on Married Beta Male’s ass all the time.

In a later scene, Married Woman says to him, “I want to rip your fucking head off because you’re so fucking stupid…you fucking dipshit!” Married Beta Male just sits there and nods. He doesn’t even fight back. Finally he responds, “I’m at a point where I don’t know what I can say.” She responds to him by calling him an asshole.

(Side note. Think about what would happen if, in a comedy movie, the genders in this scene were reversed. How would people react if a husband screamed at his wife and said, “I want to rip your fucking head off because you’re so fucking stupid…you fucking bitch!” And then the wife just nodded meekly and said nothing. And the husband kept screaming at her. Would people think that was funny? Would the audience accept such a scene? Would modern-day Hollywood even put such a scene in a comedy movie? Keep this in mind as we go on, especially when I make my final point at the end of this article.)

As a result of all this drama and lack of sex, while Married Beta Male loves his wife and his kids, he’s very unhappy, and the fire has gone out of his life. “”Kids love bubbles,” he says, “I wish I liked anything as much as kids like bubbles.”

Many nights, Married Beta Male lies to his wife, saying he’s going to work, when in fact he goes to see movies by himself or plays fantasy football with his friends. At one point Married Woman catches Married Beta Male red-handed at a fantasy football meeting (she assumed he was cheating on her…but he’s too beta for that), and even more drama ensues.

Being over age 33, aging also pisses off Married Woman, and blames men for it, and hates younger, more attractive women. Crying to her sister, she says, “My youth is over! Fucking men! I get worse looking, and he gets better looking! It’s not fair! Our babysitter is such a bitchy little high school cunt!”

Ending Inaccuracy

At about the last 15 minutes of the movie, it does what most Hollywood comedies does and switches to a bullshit Disney fairytale. Loser Beta Male instantly transforms into Responsible Father. He stops smoking weed, gets a job, starts reading baby books, starts making money, gets his own apartment, and becomes Responsible™. He mans up during the childbirth, kicking everyone out of the room except for him and her. It’s the first time he shows any strength whatsoever. See, he’s a Real Man Now™. Hot Single Girl has the baby, and her and Strong Responsible Father live Happily Ever After™.

Yep, complete crap. Like I said, the ending is where the movie falls down in order to satisfy the females in the audience. What really would have happened, that you and I have seen happen over and over again in real life, is that Loser Beta Male would have stayed exactly the same, they’d Try To Work It Out™, fail miserably, and Hot Single Girl would go on to live the rest of her life amid stress and constant financial problems as a single mother, trolling Match.com looking for a provider.

The Great Irony

The movie is over, but the story continued and got very interesting…

Shortly after the movie was released, the actress who played Hot Single Girl (Katherine Heigl) publicly denounced the movie as…wait for it…sexist against women. “It paints the women as shrews,” she said, “As humorless and uptight, and paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys.” Many women agreed with her.

Sure, the movie made the woman look bitchy at times and the guys look fun at others. However it never occurred to Ms. Heigl, as well as her supporters, that throughout the entire movie men were portrayed as sad, pathetic pussies, women were portrayed as smart and successful, and the women were in complete control of the men at all times.

Apparently that’s “sexist against women”.


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35 Comments on “Knocked Up

  1. Sad but true. It amazes me what pussies most guys are. Even guys that have a lot going for them. But it is their own fault for not seeing how things are and acting accordingly. And even when guys do see how things are they don’t have the personal strength to do anything about it.

    Check out this lady. Nice to hear these words coming from a woman for a change.



  2. Ha ha ha, it sounds like a movie based on another movie (Superman 2).

    Amazing accuracy! however, sometimes I compare the things I know after taking the red pill and ask to myself disturbing questions that any normal people with an introduction to this knowledge would do, please let me know what you think BD:

    1. Are women really incapable of long term HAPPY faithfulness? I’m aware of your post about this but, c’mon man?

    2. Do we as men, only have the option of:

    a) Always live alone?

    b) Stand bullshit and drama forever?

    c) Live in an sterile marriage?

    d) Live in a marriage where your woman can fuck anyone she wants? (Your system).

    By the way, I don’t understand how can you stand this and call yourself an alpha male (no disrespect intended as you know I deeply admire you and respect you). A core value of ANY alpha male in nature is to destroy any other male who wants to bang your female, but you’re OK with it!!! yes, I know that even fighting she can always cheat on your back, BUT! a true male can never ACCEPT under any circumstances your girl being f***** by another guy even if you’re banging other girls, our grandpas did it this way, it was not perfect but it worked to some degree.

    e) A marriage where you a dominant motherf***** ? I consider that this is the best option because both people get to some degree what they want.

    3. All that women wants is to be f***** by the best male out there? what about sweet, caring, loving mothers like those moms in the 50’s moms like Julia Arnold (The wonder years)? are they extinct and all we have left are bitches in disguise until we marry them? Remember dominant, ex-soldier, tough guy Jack Arnold? another proof that the best option is the e) above, but most men these days are pussies.

    4. Is there NOTHING out there that we can do to marry women like the ones I described above? (50’s)

    I don’t say you’re not right, I think you are completely right! I’m just saying that the truth is awful. Another solution I’ve found is to constantly get better and evolve as a man and never commit, George Clooney style.

    PUA Brian Kinney

  3. “It amazes me what pussies most guys are.”

    Now that I’ve fully digested the red-pill I see it all the time and just shake my head. I stand up for myself nowadays and challenge any woman who I think is acting out of order. First they’re shocked that anyone would dare pull them up on their behaviour, after the initial outrage it turns into attraction. You can see it in their eyes and how they interact with you from that point on. God I wish I had known this stuff 10 years ago but better late than never.

  4. “Are women really incapable of long term HAPPY faithfulness?”

    I too have been pondering this question lately and have concluded from experience/observation that the answer is no. In a monogamous relationship women will ALWAYS eventually get bored of the man they’re having sex with. How you deal with that is up to you. Naturally I prefer having a lot of short-term partners than one long-term one 😉

  5. Alpha: The man you want to marry.
    Beta: The man your Grandma wants you to marry.
    Omega: The man you both agree is not marriage material.

    Henpecked husband Paul Rudd is definitely Beta, but unemployed stoner Seth Rogan is Omega.

  6. Brian, you can’t say George Clooney style any more. That idiot just got engaged.

    And I totally disagree. You can totally be Alpha and not give a fuck who your woman has sex with. I actually prefer it and find that it reduces stress and drama when a chick you are seeing is screwing another guy…usually a beta that is paying her bills. He gets to deal with all her drama and issues and I get to have great sex with her. TOTALLY works for me.

    Take your ego out of it and you will ALWAYS get a better outcome.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

  7. Brian –

    There are two kinds of Alpha Male. 1.0 and 2.0. Generally speaking, a 1.0 is going to be FURIOUS if “his” woman gets sexual with any other man. Alpha Male 1.0‘s operating system is to control. An Alpha Male 2.0 is outcome independent, so he is not threatened by other men, and doesn’t give a shit what she does as long as she doesn’t threaten his physical health.

    So an OLTR marriage would be great for an Alpha 2.0. Though as you stated, it would make an Alpha 1.0 very uncomfortable.

    Long-term options for an Alpha 1.0 would be:

    1. Never get married, be a forever player or forever serial monogamist.

    2. Be like Tom Cruise and have many, many temporary monogamous marriages and many, many divorces throughout your life. These marriages won’t last, and you’ll have constant conflict and legal problems, but at least during the marriage you can dominate your wife, which is what Alpha 1.0s want.

    3. Buy my book when it comes out later this year and learn to be an Alpha 2.0 instead. Then you won’t have any of these problems. 🙂

  8. @Sparks: Thanks, I was afraid of an answer I already knew, even Christian Troy from nip tuck (quite an amazing player) got cheated on when he commited, remember? Kimber fucked Sean when Christian decide to settle down with her.

    @Dawson Stone: I didn’t knew that, tnx for the info and yes, what an idiot!. Another cool info so you guys know is that, yes! unbelievable, CHARLIE SHEEN IS GOING TO MARRY!!! with a porn star, he had a huge bachelor party and guess what? he’s already getting drama and warnings from her fiance ha ha ha: “his now-fiancée Brett Rossi warned it would be the last one he threw”.
    And by the way, is cool the way girls cheats on betas with you, they must be really great FBs and I have no problem with that but I was referring to MLTRs and OLTRs.

    @Henry: If I don’t become soon an alpha 2.0, I’ll have to find her somewhere else. 🙁

    @Blackdragon: I still think that the alpha 2.0 is inferior to the alpha 1.0 when the first one lets any douchebag contaminates his bed, it just don’t make sense to me!!! I definitely have a long way to learn and can’t hardly wait your book, I’m recomending it to all men I know.

    You made a great post about Charlie Sheen but, why didn’t you warned him? ha ha. (information and link are in a comment above).

    PUA Brian Kinney

  9. “It’s fine when a woman has a baby as a pre-planned event in her life. I’m talking about when it’s an accident and goes for it anyway.”

    -> Even in case she is drunk (like in this movie) she did get drunk and have sex in the subconscious hope to get a baby. Women are far, FAR more likely to do such “mindless” things around the time of their ovulation, isn’t it

    BD you are a smart person. You have a deep understanding of women and a great deal of self-discipline. You work hard and you both read and think a lot. A few of these traits the two of us have in common. But there is one thing that is so not-in-line with all your wisdom. Your stance on babies. Why on earth are you so anti-baby?

    “Destroy her life” or “this ridiculous decision that fucks up their lives when everything was going great for them”
    – babies do NOT destroy any womans life. I have seen in poor as dirt 3rd world countries, poor as dirt mothers with no husbands, no jobs and they lived. Maybe they lived from day to day and didnt have much in terms of stuff but if asked they would describe themselfs as “happy”.

    Why would a baby then “destroy” the life of a spoiled 21st century woman who will never starve, nor fear to live on the streets? Because she will not be able to pursue her career? Is that the highest goal for modern women, rather than beeing a mother?

  10. @Brian

    In answer to your question. If you are – like me – an old shool alpha, “needy-alpha” (BD term, man do i hate the sound of it), or alpha 1.0 the best option by far is indeed

    Option E.

    Be a controlling motherfucker who is more feared than loved.
    Note: You are beeing loved, often *a lot* but you are feared more.

    The problem is, that the modern western societies are not your friend. You will encounter problems in most of europe and in most parts of the US. The more “modern” or “SWPL” or “leftish” the are is, the worse your problems.

    So in order for you to live unpestered by big goverment and its anti-white and anti-male and most of all anti-patriarchy laws you will have to co-op by concealment (risky) or you move your ass to a country where you can do as you please. Like most parts of asia or southamerica. No one there gives a shit what happens in your house and no police officer will leave his chair for a woman who claims she was just slapped on her posterior by an evil man.

    The moment your wife has nothing to gain but all to loose you would be surprised who fast her general attitude changes.

  11. Their are 3 real options if you’re a man with a sex drive and want to be happy:

    1) open relationships a la BD.

    2) serial monogamy. I think this is a decent choice for some guys. You go in knowing it’s only up to 3 years or so, and then you respectfully get out. It’s a good second option if you just can’t handle the jealousy issues with 1. Why can’t serial monogamy done right be a good option for guys? You don’t get married obviously. If you want kids this doesn’t work as well either. 1 would probably work better there. But you can have one steady girlfriend for a few years while she still respects you and is attracted to you. When she gets bored, you break up for the both of you. Spend some time apart, and then start up another one. Because the woman you are with is always attracted to you, you have way less drama and problems.

    3) Traditional married monogamy, but with realistic expectations. It’s the expectations that guys have of marriage that make them miserable. If you have a somewhat lower sex drive, or can manage to forgo that because for some reason you want this kind of marriage, at least be realistic about what you’re getting into. Perhaps with those expectations you can perform better mate selection in the first place. Don’t fool yourself though, you’ll be celibate within 5 years.

  12. maldek, BD can answer you with his reasons, but as far as I’m concerned having children is unethical. In this day and age, knowing what we know about disease/ailments and the statistics that are out there, it’s clear that having children is a gamble. Yet people do it and just “hope for the best,” hope their child isn’t the one born with two head or no arms and legs. There is no way to justify the act outside of simply “I don’t care, I’m an asshole, I want and will because I can.”

  13. Why on earth are you so anti-baby?

    Where did you read that? I love babies and love kids. I have two myself and may have more. Two full chapters in my upcoming Alpha Male book are all about raising kids. If any man wants to have babies CORRECTLY, they should and I applaud them.

    My point is there’s a right way to do a thing and a wrong way to do a thing. Having a baby completely on accident when you don’t really want one, really weren’t planning on one, never budgeted for one, don’t live a lifestyle conducive for one, and (in the vast majority of cases of single motherhood) can’t afford one…that’s the wrong way to do it.

    babies do NOT destroy any womans life

    I’m speaking figuratively, and figuratively, YES, unplanned babies carried to term by accidental single mothers do indeed destroy a woman’s happiness and well-being for at least 20 years, sometimes permanently. I’ve seen it happen many times…and I bet you have too.


    And so is George Clooney.

    And in both cases it won’t last, and will end badly. That goes double if they don’t sign prenups. (But even if they do, the divorce they will both have won’t be fun for them. Just watch.)

    Alpha Males (1.0 or 2.0) don’t do long-term monogamy. Period. They either divorce or cheat (usually both).

  15. Don’t fool yourself though, you’ll be celibate within 5 years.”

    This is nonsense. Study after study shows that being married is the BEST pathway for getting continuous sex. This Manospherean crap against monogamous marriage is pure fucking nihilism. I have seen many successful beta marriages. I have seen many unsuccessful ones too. But humans are wired for long term companionship. That kicks in much stronger once you get past 35.

    You know the mainstream conception that PUAs/Manosphereans are a bunch of disaffected, nihilistic losers is not entirely inaccurate. The sheer ignorance and stupidity that you read in the comments sections is dumfounding. If you want to poly or a player, then do that. But by no stretch of the imagination think that you are engaging in a superior lifestyle and everyone else is a “loser” or a “dupe”. The root to happiness for at least 75% of humanity is through long term monogamy. To think otherwise is nihilism.

    As for ‘Knocked Up’, the review misses whats important It had “red pill” elements to it to some extent. But it also was extremely feminist in its portrayal of men. Every one of them was portrayed as pathetic. This movie was a weird attempt to offer the usual Hollywood sexual nihilism with an anti-abortion, pro-family message. It was a pathetic attempt to not alienate the Conservatives while still peddling trash. But its still Leftist drivel through and through and its a prime example of the evil of the Cultural Marxists (i.e. the Left) and how they DESTROY every noble thing about humanity. THAT is the message that BD should have taken from the film; more evidence of the depravity of the Hollywood Left. But fuck, the guy still watches modern action movies and enjoys them. But he knows how to have meaningless relationships where you see the woman once per week.

    The second fall of Rome is inevitable. As is the Asian conquest of the earth. May the non-existent Christian god have mercy on the souls of Caucasians. Forgive us oh lord for what we squandered and what we spit on.

    The hardcore trads and WNs have their own sets of problems, but at least they’re not overgrown adolescents that want to remake human civilization into a giant frat party.

    Carry on.

  16. humans are wired for long term companionship

    Long-term companionship, yes. Long-term monogamy, no. It’s a common mistake to confuse the two.

    I can’t speak for any other commenters, but as I just said above, I think long-term pair bonding and having kids is wonderful. I’ve done it before and I will do it again (at least the long-term companionship part).

    However, expecting you and your future wife to be 100% sexually monogamous to each other, and only each other, for 45 years straight is childish in the extreme. Long-term companionship does not, and should not, include the expectation of long-term monogamy. That’s my point. Not that “all marriage is bad”. (I do differ on that from other anti-monogamy manosphere guys).

    The commenter above was incorrect when he said you’d eventually be celebate. Instead, in a mono-marriage eventually you will either get divorced or cheat (or she’ll cheat on you). In either case, monogamy has failed.

    its still Leftist drivel through and through and its a prime example of the evil of the Cultural Marxists (i.e. the Left) and how they DESTROY every noble thing about humanity. THAT is the message that BD should have taken from the film; more evidence of the depravity of the Hollywood Left.

    I 100% agree. Anyone who’s read my stuff knows how disgusted I am at the Hollywood left and their poisonous messages. (Societal Programming)

    Yes, I love action films, but I treat them for the meaningless guilty pleasures there are. They also tend to be the few Hollywood films not filled with left-wing bullshit. (Not always, but usually.)

    But he knows how to have meaningless relationships where you see the woman once per week.

    The once-a-week rule only applies to FBs and MLTRs. With OLTR you can see her as much as you like. A wife would definitely be in the OLTR category, so don’t get hung up on that once-a-week thing.

    Moreover, a few of my MLTR relationships (past and present) are not / were not “meaningless”. Not even close. But if it makes you feel better to believe that, you’re welcome to it.

    (That complaint comes up so often I’m going to add that to my list of monogamy excuses.)

  17. Jack do you actually have any married friends?

    “Study after study shows that being married is the BEST pathway for getting continuous sex.” Right, because if some studies say something, it must be true. If you look hard enough you can find a study that says smoking cures cancer.

    I have 8 or 9 close friends that are married and that would be honest with me. Only one of them has sex with his wife more than 3 times a month. But more importantly (I would argue) is when I ask them if they imagine their wife is someone else during sex (someone younger and hotter) ALL of them admit they do. ALL OF THEM.

    You are delusional if you think that married guys get more sex than single guys (of the same caliber in terms of looks, success, personality, etc). The issue is that there is a built in selection bias here. The guys that have more going for them are the ones most likely to get married. Women want a provider so why would they try to marry a loser? Losers stay single (for the most part…there are some women that are dumb enough to marry a loser)

    Jack, if you are so convinced of your argument, do a little experiment and report back. Find 10 married guys and 10 single guys that are of similar age, appearance, etc and ask them three simple questions:

    1) How many times per month do they have sex?
    2) What percentage of the time is their sex GREAT sex?
    3) What percentage of the time do they imagine their sex partner is some else?

    If you do this experiment fairly and honestly there is zero fucking chance the married guys have it better. ZERO.

  18. Hello Blackdragon. I have enjoyed your blog and its advise for sometime now. This is the first time I have commented.

    Jack, you admit that possibly 25% of the population are not wired to find monogamy rewarding. That’s a substantial minority. If it turns out that the Manosphere is largely made up of such people (who by the way are not “losers” for naturally not being interested in monogamous relationships) then why badger them to be interested in something they clearly are not interested in?

    I suspect no one cares if some people truly enjoy monogamy (though Blackdragon is good enough to try to warn those inclined that it is not what it once was) but people with a natural predisposition to practice “poly or (be) a player” don’t want to be insulted and harassed by “hardcore trads”. Do you go on gay sites and try to shame them into practicing heterosexuality? If not, why not?

  19. I’ve been thinking about my last comment, cheating women and the 1950’s women and I have a theory, I’d love to know what you guys (specially BD) think about it, it might apply to seduction but I want to discuss it in terms of long term relationships.

    Theory: “The likelihood of a woman cheating and disrespecting within a relationship is inversely proportional with the manliness, integrity, toughness and overall strength of the man”.

    This is true in my own experience, when I’m a tough piece of sh** with women, a true warrior, they treat me as a king and they seem to be more respectful and turned on, I’m not aggressive or abusive I have the attitude of Yuri Boyka, Arnold, Stallone or any other old school alpha (this is more when I’m in hypertrophy phase or boxing).

    When I’m cool, suave and playful BUT a little cynical and have more the attitude of Christian Troy, Tony Stark or Hank Moody women tend to try to disrespect me (I don’t let them do that of course) but as an example they turn their heads more when they see a handsome guy and also they shit test me more.

    Another empirical proof is the notion, idea or feeling that tough guys like those mentioned above and guys like Don Corleone, James Bond, Bourne… Don’t get cheated on or disrespected that often (if they get cheated or disrespected at all) I think that men who are not respected are the men who get cheated on, men like the characters in the movie Knocked Up. Of course there always will be exceptions that confirms the rule.

    The interesting thing about this is the application: Yes, faithful, sweet, caring, loving, tender women seems extinct but also men of integrity, tough, strong and above all leaders of the relationship. So women like Norma Arnold (I said Julia in my last comment ha ha) are out there or we can take random women that behaves like her when they’re in front of our strong presence? Please let me know what you think…

    PUA Brian Kinney

  20. @ Maldek
    Yes I’m an alpha 1.0 too it is not a perfect lifestyle but is good enough and certainly much better than those beta puss***, honestly I’m really attracted to the alpha male 2.0 lifestyle (if my testosterone allows it ha ha).

    You don’t have to move to another country to have good women (I explain in my above comment my theory) I think that the matter is more about the kind of man you are, besides when I say dominant motherf***** I mean a strong man but also a man who protects and loves his girls, so nothing illegal is implied ha ha.
    Nice to meet you mate. You sound like a smart man.

    @ Brian
    Thanks for the commpliment, you’re a sweet guy.

  21. I wrote commpliment on pupose ha ha, by the way BD: Brian is breaking rule #1 about commenting, right?

    I dont care at all but he is breaking it

  22. Brian is breaking rule #1 about commenting, right?

    Yes he did. You’re both named “Brian” so I got confused. His comment has been removed.

  23. Thanks
    And I know how busy you’re but a short opinion on my theory will be truly appreciated, I really value what you think 🙂

  24. @brian

    I think you are focused on the wrong thing. BD calls it outcome independence. Why waste your energy on what someone else does or doesn’t do? If she cheats and that matters to you (I would argue that’s a better thing anyway but whatever) then stop seeing her.

    Just be the best version of yourself and women will in general respond. In all my romantic relationships I set the rules…all of them. If a women values me she will follow the rules. If she doesn’t, she won’t. Don’t over think it.

    I would never tolerate a woman disrespecting me. If she does…next. If you are modifying your behavior then IMHO that’s beta behavior. Just be yourself.

  25. @Brian K.

    I think you are focused on the wrong thing. Women respond to confidence and outcome independence above all else. Be the best version of yourself and you will get the best version of her. I would NEVER tolerate a women being in ANY way disrespectful. Next.

    Don’t over think it.

  26. If not already you guys should really check out The Black Phillip Show (RIP to Patrice O’neal a great comic). Some entertaining commentary from a deceased comic with perspectives in agreement to your own.

  27. Theory: “The likelihood of a woman cheating and disrespecting within a relationship is inversely proportional with the manliness, integrity, toughness and overall strength of the man”.

    I agree on the respect part, disagree (at least somewhat) on the cheating part.

    Initially, a woman won’t cheat on her powerful, strong, masculine man. But eventually she will (assuming the relationship lasts long enough) if he’s bossing her around. Women initially love that stuff, eventually tire of it. (The exception to this rule would be an extremely submissive woman.)

    Alpha Male 1.0s in long-term relationships get cheated on a lot.

  28. Thanks for your great observations, you’re right, my theory is effective only for a short period of time.

  29. @Dawson Stone

    Thanks, you have solid arguments.

    I’m struggling to get better and an alpha male 2.0 it is really difficult for me but I know I will eventually succeed.

  30. “Initially, a woman won’t cheat on her powerful, strong, masculine man. But eventually she will (assuming the relationship lasts long enough) if he’s bossing her around. Women initially love that stuff, eventually tire of it. (The exception to this rule would be an extremely submissive woman.)”

    Indeed, but you don’t have to dominate her (except sexually). It’s enough to dominate your life to sate her dualistic needs.

  31. Ok. Go have a monogamous relationship with a hot girl and let me know when you’ve reached 25 years and she’s still never had sex with anyone else except you. Can’t wait to hear all about how you did it.

  32. This is complete bullshit and does not happen in real life (barring the usual 1% exceptions to every rule). 9s and 10s do not escalate on betas who are 3s, even when drunk. But this is the only inaccuracy for the rest of the movie until the very end.

    This may be somewhat true, but plenty of women (especially in college) will happily escalate hard on betas who are 6 and above. With an exponential distribution (i.e. many times more likely if the beta is a 9-10).

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