Having Regular Sex Is Important To Society

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-By Caleb Jones

As regular readers know, I don’t give a shit about society in any way whatsoever and haven’t for about 15 years now. Western Civilization in particular has completely lost its mind several decades ago and is now actively trying to destroy itself with an insane, cackling glee.
This is fine with me, since I choose not to spend my precious and limited time on this Earth worrying about demented, suicidal societies. I have better things to do. More importantly, under the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle I will live a great life regardless of what any one civilization or nation does or does not do, including collapse. So have fun destroying yourselves, I’ll be over here being happy.

Regardless, today I’ll put on the nice guy hat (sort of) and make a gentle (not really) appeal to those of you reading who do give a shit about society, which I suspect is most of you reading these words.

Since those of you who care about this stuff generally fall into two irrational and tribal camps, the left and the right, I’ll have to appeal to both of you in the same article. Hm. Hard to do, but I’ve been communicating with (and arguing with) both left-wingers and right-wingers for a very long time, and I’ve become pretty good at it. Let's see how well I do today...

As I’ve spoken about many times before, we live in a society overloaded with sexual imagery, but not a lot of people actually having sex. Married couples have far less sex today than in the 1940s. Millennials are having far less sex than any other prior generation. Night game, daygame, and online dating have all become more difficult as women simultaneously become more masculine, bitchy, and picky. This, plus weaker economies and enticing distractions like porn and sexy video games are inducing many men to opt out of the sexual marketplace altogether.
And so on. I listed all the stats about how much fewer people are having sex than before right here, but the point is people aren’t getting laid. You just think people are getting laid because of all the false Societal Programming in Hollywood, porn, dating apps like Tinder, sexy pictures of Instagram models everywhere, and so on.

This sexual imagery overload, which I agree is sort of stupid, has led to a new movement of people (some traditional right-wing conservatives and delusional unicorn seekers), men (MGTOWs, incels, and others) and women (exasperated over-age-33 women who can’t find perfect husbands who don’t exist) who have come to the conclusion that sex just isn’t that important. Moreover, if you really like sex or have a lot of it, there’s something wrong with you.

First, I urge you to take a minute and read this article where I lay out all the negative health issues you will encounter if you don’t have regular sex. Whether you like it or not, you have a biological system called a “body” that was designed to have regular sex. If you withhold sex from your body, your body will suffer, and health problems will result. Your body doesn’t care about your political views about men or those “bitches” on Tinder who won’t swipe right on you; it needs sex. Period. I’m sorry, but it does.

That’s one level; let me take it to the next. Here are some recent mass murderers:
  • Elliot Roger, who stabbed and shot a bunch of people.
  • Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland Shooter, who shot 17 people.
  • Alek Minassian, the Toronto Incel Killer, who murdered 10 people by running them over with a van.
Like all mass murderers, these are/were guys with deep psychological problems and issues with prescription drugs. In addition, these are guys whose clearly stated reasons for murdering people was because they couldn’t get laid.

Those are just three names, I could fill the next few pages with more mass murderers who any detective or psychologist could easily point to not getting laid as one of the reasons for them snapping and murdering a bunch of innocent people.

If Elliot Roger or any of these other guys was having as much regular sex with cute/hot girls as I do, do you really think they still would have taken the time and trouble to go out on a psychotic murder spree and then kill themselves?

Maybe, maybe not, but I lean in the direction of probably not. I have known some very fucked-up men with mental and/or prescription drug issues who never killed anyone… but these men were having regular sex. I realize that anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean much, but from what I know of how men work, I have a very hard time believing that if those murderers were actually having sex on a regular basis they would actually murder people regardless of the other problems they had.

I could even point to the Middle East, an entire region full of young, high testosterone men who aren’t having any sex. Look at how that turned out. Does that honestly look like a workable society to you?

Regular sex is not only important to a prosperous, happy, high-functioning society, it is critical to a society. People in any functioning society need to be having regular sex, all the time, well into their sixties. I don’t care how angry you are at the opposite sex. I don’t care what your religious beliefs are. I don’t care what your personal history is. I don’t care how jealous or angry you are at other people who get more sex than you do, or even people who, god forbid, make money selling advice on how to get sex. (gasp!) I don’t care what your politics are. I don’t care how you feel.

If you care about society, then your society needs people in it who are having regular sex. If you’re not having sex, and/or if you’re going around telling everyone that sex isn’t that important, then you’re actively damaging your society. I’ll give you a pass if you’re well over age 60, especially if you’re a woman over 60, but other than that, yeah man, you are fucking up your society if you perpetuate this bullshit about how sex isn’t important.

It is important. Lives are destroyed by not having sex. People are murdered because people don’t get sex. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, psychiatric clinics, prisons, and welfare rolls are filled with people who aren’t or didn’t get enough sex. Not having enough sex is a very serious problem for your society.

If you care about society as much as you say you do, then I would start helping people to have more sex instead of defending people who don’t.

If you cared. Which I don’t. But if you say you do, then put your money where your mouth is instead of making your society worse.

Food for thought.

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